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Episode 6 - Product Sourcing w/ Worldwide Brands

Worldwide Brands is giving away one of their best reviewed products: Drop Ship Focus. But you have to move fast to get it. Click here to pick it up and to see why
they are giving it away:

For the past few weeks, they have given away a lot of gifts for the 'Beat the Recession with eCommerce' series. But this one is major. They used to sell Drop Ship Focus for $97. And as you'll see, it's jam-packed with a tremendous amount of material. Check out the educational videos and listen to our interview with Worldwide Brands for more information about product sourcing.

The 6th and final video in the 'Beat the Recession with eCommerce' series by Worldwide Brands is out!

You can view it here:

In this video, you'll see why the members of the Worldwide Brands community are among the most successful eBiz owners on the internet.

And you'll finally get a chance to take a look at a new educational product that I'm very excited about.

These past few weeks, you've seen the free videos by Worldwide Brands in the 'Beat the Recession with eCommerce' series.

So you know what kind of 'top-notch' material they produce.  But what you saw was just the tip of the iceberg.

They've spent the past 12 months creating new videos, tools and resources to grow your internet business.  Way more than what could fit in a single video series.

Worldwide Brands took every single trick, technique and strategy they've learned in the past 8 years and poured it into something that will have a major impact on your business.

It's called 'The Whole Sale'.

Click here to see it:

It cost over a quarter of a million dollars to produce and it's literally an encyclopedia of product sourcing information.  There is nothing like it currently available.

If there was one resource I would say is 'absolutely vital' for your internet business, it would be 'The Whole Sale'.

Here's why:

The two main questions everyone always asks is 'what do I sell and where do I get it'.

'The Whole Sale' answers those questions and more from the #1 provider of product sourcing information online.

Here's what you'll get with 'The Whole Sale':

1. 19 Separate eBiz and Product Sourcing  Video Courses

The video courses will walk you though step-by-step how to build real internet profits.  It covers everything they've learned the past 8 years working working with thousands of wholesale suppliers and eCommerce business owners.

3. 19 Comprehensive Online Workbooks

The workbooks expand each of the subjects covered on the videos in much greater detail.

Each of the courses have real world exercises and interactive self testing modules, so you'll be able to see exactly what you've learned and what you need to review.

4. Worldwide Brands' eCommerce Insider Report

The world of eCommerce is always changing. So they teamed up with the research giant, Forrester Research, to bring you this ongoing report.  Every single issue is jam-packed with specific, targeted information you can use to grow your online business.

This report will give you insights on eCommerce and consumer behavior that 99% of your competitors will never have.  It's a huge unfair advantage for you in any marketplace you enter.

5. Worldwide Brands eCommerce Industry Forum

In this forum, you'll be able to ask questions and get answers from the real experts, that are specific to your business.  This is the personal access that is rare online.

Plus, they have a large collection of extra bonus material that you'll get when you buy 'The Whole Sale', including a special bonus from

Worldwide Brands has partnered with Amazon to give you 2 FREE months of 'Selling on Amazon' services.  This alone is worth $79.98 and will allow you to expose your products to Amazon's millions of buyers.

You also get liquidation deals from two of America's largest B2B liquidation suppliers and inventory specials that are only available to 'The Whole Sale' owners.

Just one of these special deals could easily pay for 'The Whole Sale' many times over.

All in all, it's one impressive package and I believe it will be the #1 key resource that can get you going if you don't already have an online business or improve your current internet business dramatically.

You'll be able to get 'The Whole Sale' at a discounted price today, Thursday, at 3 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

But, you must move fast because in addition to the other bonuses I just mentioned, we have some incredible fast action bonuses lined up for the first 125 people who purchase.

Take a look...

Listen, I know you've seen $1000 and up product launches in the past few months.  This is not one of those.

The 'Whole Sale' is way less than one thousand dollars, even though they could have easily charged that much and more and it would still be well worth the price.

I think you'll agree, that with everything you get with 'The Whole Sale', this will be one of the biggest bargains you'll see all year.

Let me know what you think.

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Episode 6 - Product Sourcing w/ Worldwide Brands

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