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So what do you do when you need more visitors? There are several different ways to accomplish this. Let me go over some less costly resources. First I will mention Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is a low-cost solution to drive traffic to your site. I urge you to read more about SEO [read more]. Second thing to look at is Affiliate Marketing. People who host websites will place your banner on their site and when their visitors click on your banner and buy from you, they earn a commission. Learn more [here]

Now let's discuss another option.

Pay Per Click Performance

Advertising used to be more like a hit or miss. You would place your ads and wait for results. If new customers didn't come through the door, you had little choice but to revise your ads and try again until you got it right. This created a problem for all companies.

Pay Per Performance advertising will give you results or you don't pay. Instead of paying to place your ad, you pay for each customer that clicks on your ad.

The up side to these engines is you can adjust your listing until it works without going into debt. You can also list dozens, even hundreds of keywords that will bring up your link.

Be careful with Pay Per Performance search engines since many keywords get very little response. Common keywords that draw lots of prospects are probably well known to other businesses in your industry. With everyone doing their best for top placement on the same keywords, your cost could rise quickly.

The major Pay Per Click search engines are:

This will place you in Google as well as Froogle

Pay Per Performance banner advertising is also popular. Services like www.ValueClick.com and www.PennyWeb.com make you pay only when someone clicks on your banner and goes to your site.

This solution works well when you develop an eye catching banner that gets your target audience to click. You can increase response by centering your banner around a graphic that helps make your point. You can also add moving animation to your banner to grab attention. Be sure to keep your banner's file size down for rapid loading. If you need help designing a web banner, we can help.

By using search engine and banner Pay Per Performance advertising you are able to stretch your ad budget and have better results. If you need further assistance with Pay Per Performance Advertising please contact us. For a small fee we consult with businesses to help them maximize their Return Of Investment (ROI).

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