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Amazing Text Kit - Create Your Own Logo and Featured Products In Just Minutes!

Amazing Text Kit
Amazing Text Kit

How can I help you to create graphics that look amazing and help you to convert your customers?

With the 1 Choice 4 Amazing Text Kit!

The fact is that text plays a major part in any design. If you have good enough looking text, you don't even need any images.

But it's not that easy to amazing text if you're not a design professional. I know this from experience. It comes down to 2 things - Fonts and Layer Styles.

Combining these 2 things together will create truly eye popping text effects. It's really simple to create killer text yourself once you have the proper fonts and layer styles.

We have done the legwork and compiled a nice collection of fonts and layer styles for you to use.

It's really simple to create killer text yourself once you have the proper fonts and layer styles.


It really is as simple as I show you above. All you have to do is choose one of the fonts we provide you with.  Then click on one of the layer styles and your text turns amazing right before your eyes.


I want to show you how easy it is to use our 1 Choice Text Kits. Take a sneak peek at our custom tutorials, which are included with all of our new 1 Choice 4 Text Kits.
These tutorials cover everything from installing custom fonts onto your computer, creating custom graphics, and customizing your Yahoo Store to increase sales.

Don't have to spend hours going through tutorials.

Don't have to search the web for the best fonts.

Don't have to spend any time or effort at all.

Just click a few buttons and you get amazing looking text.

Although it's super easy to use this tool, I will still give you step-by-step video tutorials on how to use and load everything.  You'll be up and running right away.

The 25 Layer Styles You Will Get...

You'll be able to create each of the text effects below yourself, with just a few clicks.

These are brand new layer styles that I've created specifically for this package. 

Also, these layer styles are in 300 DPI resolution. Which means you can use them for your web graphics AND your print graphics. In fact, you can blow up the text as much as you want, and the effect will still stay and continue to look good, no matter how big you make the text. Let me show you...


(The text can be resized to even bigger if you want to)



Layer styles are one part of this Amazing Text kit.  You will also get killer fonts.

The 25 Fonts You Will Get...



(These fonts can be resized to any size you want, of course, just like the layer styles)

I did not create these fonts.  These are freeware fonts that are found around the web.  I'll send them over to you so you won't have to waste your time plus I will also give you links to my favorite freeware font sites so you can download even more fonts for yourself.

Create an unlimited number of text combinations...

With these 25 fonts and 25 layer styles you can create virtually an unlimited number of text combinations.  First, you can match different layer styles with different fonts to create hundreds of combinations. 


Second, can also modify and mix and match the effects from each different layer style.

For example, say you like the gradient from layer style 1, the drop shadow from layer style 2, the bevel effects from layer style 3, etc..  You can transfer these effects from one layer style to another, and create your own hybrid styles.

Here is an illustration of what I mean:

With this kind of flexibility you'll never run out of cool text variations for your designs.  And again, I'll show you how to do all this step-by-step.  It's also just a matter of clicking a few buttons.  Really easy and powerful stuff.

Quick FAQ:

Q. Do I need any special software?

A. The layer styles and fonts will work with Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. So you will need one of these programs installed on your computer to use it. Adobe Elements is a lot less expensive and will do the job. Both programs have a free 30 day trial version that you can download.

Q. Is this easy to use?

A. Yes, very easy.Don't forget, I have personally made these tutorials to show you how to create new graphics for your Yahoo Store.

Q. How do I place my order?

A. Click the "Purchase Now" button and complete the check out process. 

Q. What happens after I purchase?

A. You will see a blue download button that will allow you to download everything you need to get started!


*Works on both PC and Mac

30 Day GuaranteeRemember, each kit comes with step by step videos by me, Shawna Fennell. You know how much I love to show you guys how to do stuff and you know that I make it super easy too!

I will not only show you how to create your own graphics, but also how to put your new graphics into your Yahoo Store!

My tutorials come with each kit and I personally GUARANTEE you will not be unhappy. If for any reason whatsoever you do not love these kits, we will refund your money. PERIOD.

Order Information...

Item # Amazing Text Kit
Regular Price:$59.99
Our Price$17.00

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Amazing Text Kit

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