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April 2012 Yahoo Store News Part 1


Long Tail Keywords - What are they and why are they profitable?

When I first heard the term "long tail keywords" I was confused!! What the heck is a long tail and why will it help me get more sales?

Well, it has been 8 years since Chris Anderson of Wired Magazine coined this phrase after seeing how Amazon made most of its revenue from specialized books and not huge best sellers. However, it's now 2012 and there are still people wondering the same thing...
  • What is a broad term keyword?
  • What are long tail keywords?
  • How can the long tail improve my sales?
The easiest way to explain is to show you!

Back Story (And VERY true)

We found out when my daughter-in-law was 4 months pregnant that our sweet little granddaughter had anencephaly. Our amazingly strong children gave birth to this angel on January 17th. She was the most beautiful little girl I have ever seen in my life. We were able to hold her, snuggle with her, and best of all... love her. Unfortunately, she was only with us for 18 very short hours.

She left a very lasting impression on every single person she met. She taught me to live and to love life. I knew I was overweight and I joined the local YMCA to do something about it!! It's been about 9 weeks since I joined and I have lost 36.6 pounds swimming 2 hours a day.

Time for a Suit

My old bathing suit obviously was getting too big so it was time to go shopping! As you can imagine, this is always a difficult thing for a woman to do!

So I head out to my local mall looking for a swimsuit. The word swimsuit would be considered a "broad term keyword."

There are so many choices and I learn quickly that there is NO WAY I am going to be wearing a two piece swimsuit any time soon.

Now I start shopping for a one piece swimsuit. There are still a lot of choices out there. Do I want one that shows off a little cleavage? Do I want one that shows off my hips? Not really.

What I really want is a one piece swimsuit with a skirt. Now we are getting into the long tail keywords. Now we are getting a little more specific. Now we are getting closer to buying a swimsuit.

When I first walked in just wanting a swimsuit, I had no idea what I wanted. Now I am closer to knowing what I want. Now I am closer to buying a swimsuit. Now I am closer to converting over to a sale!

Notice how the competition for the one piece swimsuits with a skirt goes down? There are not so many choices. Competition goes down and my decision to buy a swimsuit has gone up as I have narrowed the field of what I want to buy.

This is the beauty of the long tail keyword!!

But wait, there's more!

I decide what I really want is a one piece polka dot swimsuit because they make me look slimmer.

Let's look at the keyword research.

Now let's look at the competition!

Holy cow!! Do you see what I see??

Let's recap from the broad term keyword phrase to the long tail keywords:

  • Swimsuit - Searches: 11,100,000 Competition: 89,500,000
  • one piece swimsuit - Searches: 135,000 Competition: 14,200,000
  • one piece swimsuit skirt - Searches: 720 Competition: 4,560,000
  • one piece polka dot swimsuit - Searches: 3 x 480 Competition: 854,000

Notice how the competition went from 89 million results down to 854,000?

Watch the sales come through the door as we eliminate the competition and grab the customers who know EXACTLY what they want :)

Where do I find my long tail keywords Shawna??

The answer my friend is actually quite easy:
  • Keyword research
  • Analytics
  • Internal search queries
  • Competitors keyword research

Don't worry, we will this topic in more detail in our next newsletter.

Now go find your long tail and convert more customers than EVER before!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and if you need help with your keywords, make sure to check out my new Coaching Program and Lock Program. I am having an absolute ball helping store owners increase traffic, sales, and most of all.... conversions!!


Shawna Seigel

Shawna Seigel
(Formally Shawna Fennell but, I got married on the Fourth of July in 2010!) Click To See Pictures

P.S. All the swimsuits above are from WalMart.

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Featured Video Tutorial
Today I want to show you how to create SEO friendly page urls for your Yahoo! Store.

For most Yahoo! Store owners working with a manufacturer or drop shipper, they receive one database file that contains all the product information. Then they receive a folder with all the product images.

About 99% of the time, the image names match the product code.

For instance, if my green sweater was being sold online we might have a code of 123. The image name that matched this green sweater would also be 123.gif or 123.jpg

This works really great for most Yahoo! Store owners. They can use the database upload feature and also zip all those images in one file and use the multiple image upload feature as well.

When you upload your database, the Yahoo! Store will create your items with the page id of those codes.

One problem, that means that your store product pages url will also be the product code.

For instance, if we go back to our green sweater, the page id created would be 123.html

Our customers would come to www.myurl.com/123.html

Now 123.html is not real customer friendly or seo friendly for most products. I don't care what the code is for my sweater, I want a green sweater.

Wouldn't it be better for the page id to say green-sweater? Then my url would be www.myurl.com/greensweater.html

The problem that most store owners face, they change the product url but then they cannot use the multiple image upload feature. The page ids do not match the images.

So today I am going to show you how to change those product ids, easily convert multiple images to match those new product ids, and create super seo friendly product urls.

*Please Note* You may want to check out the following tutorials if you are not an advanced user.

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April 2012 Yahoo Store News Part 1

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