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August 2007 Newsletter


Painful words to read but we must say it - LESS THAN FOUR MONTHS UNTIL CHRISTMAS – and less than 90 days until Cyber Monday - November 26th.    What is Cyber Monday?  Cyber Monday kicks off the busiest season for most online stores.

And hold on because you have only just begun to get busy.  Your busiest days could be the weekend of the 15th and the 22nd of December when online shoppers have given up on the brick and mortar stores.  As online shoppers get closer to Christmas, they tire of the malls, the crowds, and the parking lots.  They have completed their research, know they want to buy and how much they are willing to pay.  They are now ready to buy – online – and while at work !!! 

So will you be ready?   Do you provide informative content for your shoppers?   Does your site convey a professional, secure and user friendly store so shoppers push the “Buy” button instead of the “Back” button to another site? 

Online shoppers make many “No” decisions and only one “Buy” decision.  So make sure everything on your site leads your customer to the right choice.  Check out our Top 15 Enhancements For Conversion Rates.

If you have the Yahoo! Merchant Account Starter Package, things just got better for you!  Yahoo! has now added coupons to their Starter Package.  Previously, it was only available on the Standard and Professional Packages.  Great news!!! Using coupons is a great way to get customers into your site again. Think about it, when you get a coupon for your favorite store, do you go in and take a peek? After all...you have a coupon!! Want to know how to send out those coupons?

Need Help?

Yahoo Documentation On Coupon Manager

Yahoo Documentation On Your Mailing List Manager

****NEW****Yahoo Documentation On Simple Promotional Mailing available in all Yahoo Stores

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Need one on one training? Check out our new training center!! Classes start soon!

Recently Completed

New Services

Have you considered opening a 2nd store? Read our article on Innovation - Expansion - Diversity

PLUS Order a level 3 or Level 4 package and we will add a Blog Design And Set Up FREE!!!!! Click here for more details and get your blog design and set up for FREE 

Already have a site and not ready to start a second site? We understand and that is why we will give you a 50% discount on our blog design and set up. Click here to get your blog design and set up at 50% off!

Have you been considering marketing your site with Yahoo Sponsered Search Advertising Program? Did you know that they charge $199.00 to set you up. They do the keyword research. They write the titles. They find which ads will work for you. After all, they do not want to lose you as a customer right? This is an awesome service that you should use!!! And now 1 Choice customers get this service for FREE! That's right $199.00 service from Yahoo! FREE! So call today and we can get you started with their new advertising system.

Hacker Safe In Yahoo Shopping? What an exciting partnership and a great opportunity for our customers to really stand out above the rest in Yahoo Shopping!

1 Choice customers save 50% on their services!!! Our customers not only get a special rate but also get to put the logo on TWO sites. We know many of our customers have multiple sites so this was great news! So if you want more information call this wonderful lady that we met in Chicago at the Search Engine Conference. Her name is Cresta Pillsbury and she is the Director of Business Development. You can reach her at (877) 302-9965, Ext 1120 or email her cresta.pillsbury@hackersafe.com

And don't forget eMerchantDiscount for low rates on your merchant credit card processing.   Their new site has great information and can show you how to integrate your QuickBooks

Our Top Lists For Yahoo Stores!

Dave has a top 10 list and we were jealous. So we made two top ten list and one top FIFTEEN!!

Top 10 Cool Yahoo Store Enhancements

Top 10 Yahoo Store SEO Enhancements

and the greatest list of all................

*drum roll please*

Top 15 Enhancements For Conversion Rates

Yahoo! has made creating a Google Sitemap user friendly! We have step by step instructions on getting yours up immediately!

Google Sitemaps is an easy way to tell Google about all the pages on your site, which pages are most important to you, and when those pages change, for a smarter crawl and fresher search results.

Find out how Google sees your site
Google Sitemaps also answers questions you might have about how Google sees your site. For example, you can learn about errors (such as if we're having trouble crawling your pages) and statistics (such as what search queries return your site in the results). Read More

FREE Classes - 1 Choice 4 Class

We have started our online course called Yahoo! Store Editor 101. The main focus of this course is to help you move around within the Yahoo! Store Editor. Subjects covered include adding products, adding sections, and moving things around, etc. The class is short and sweet and we are now offering this course free of charge to our customers. All that we ask is that at the end of your course, provide us with some feedback. Was the course easy or too hard? Did we explain things in ways that made sense or were you lost? Let us know how we did! We are asking you to grade us! Send your comments to support@1c4y.com

What is REALLY exciting is that store owners can use the course for teaching new employees! Instead of spending days trying to teach them how to use the store while also trying to take orders, get out orders, and everything else you have to do....You can give them the URL and have them complete the course by themselves. We hope to save you hours of time it would take to train them.

The class URL is http://www.1choice4ystoreclass.com

Sign Up a new account and them email us for the Activation Key. Please put Activation Key in the subject of your email. We will also be creating a downloadable ebook format as well for this course as well as our other courses.

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August 2007 Newsletter

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