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August 2010 YStore News Part 2 - More Changes To Googles Algorithm and Other BIG News


This week has been quite exciting and with lots of news happening so let's just dive right in! I have tried to separate each area but, here are some quick links:

Google Makes Changes To Algorithm - Again

Google announced August 20th that they have launched a change to their algorithm. When Google makes announcements, we listen! This latest change will make it easier for people to find exactly what they are looking for by providing more results from a relevant website. Instead of showing two results from a particular website, they may show up to seven results.

Google is trying out something new. As people begin typing their search queries, the results change as they type. This could mean bad news for store owners only optimized for long tail keywords. Make sure to review your analytics and see if you notice a big difference.

Google Purchases Like.com - It's Time To Get Ready

This purchase could become very interesting. Like.com is a shopping search company and has automated cross-matching system for clothing and other merchandise. Some people believe that this is a clear sign that Google wants to improve Google Shopping and provide better results for their users. As CartCraze points out, it will be extremely important for store owners to make sure they:
  • Use unique product images to display their products
  • Use product tagging with very detailed product descriptions
  • Identify what is unique for each and every product.

Yahoo Results Now Come From Bing

I have heard from many store owners who relied on Yahoo! to bring traffic to their site that they are now seeing a major decrease in traffic to their stores. We have also seen other store owners see a major increase in traffic since Bing took over for Yahoo Search results. Microsoft states in their blog that they expect to migrate adCenter sometime this fall.

With the holidays just around the corner, now is the time to get ready to move your PPC ads to adCenter. Start learning your way around and figure out how everything works.

One thing to be very careful of, make sure you understand exactly where your traffic is coming from and where it is landing as well. Brian Klais writes,
"On large retail sites, for every one landing page Bing produces organic traffic for, Yahoo produces organic traffic for about 1.5 pages (while Google produces traffic to about four pages, though Google is not the point of my argument here). This differential gets compounded by the volume of search traffic each engine sends to each of those landing pages: Yahoo sends about 1.3 searchers for each one searcher Bing sends (while Google sends about two searchers for each that Bing sends, though again, not the point of my argument). The bottom line: Yahoo’s proven engine yield on a per-page basis has been about twice (2x) that of Bing’s—as a result of higher volumes of traffic to each landing page, and across greater quantity of landing pages than Bing. This is a material algorithmic difference in engine yield!"
Yahoo Bing

Google Changes Things Up For Back To School

Remember this different look for Father's Day? It's back again for Back to School Shopping!

**Important Statistics** - Coupon Codes

According to a recent study, 17% of families with children in grades K-12 stated that 100% of their purchases were influenced by bargains and coupons. In another survey, 93% of consumers are still spending cautiously and 67% of consumers are using some form of coupons. Whether they find those coupons in their mailbox, local newspaper, in store, or download from online.

Not giving your customers coupons? Coupon codes can make or break a sale - 57% of shoppers used a coupon code and said they would not have bought the product unless they had the coupon code.

According to Compete:

  • Consumers with coupons spend more
  • Coupons make customers happy
  • Coupons increase customer loyalty
  • Coupons are seen as a convenience

Need to learn how to create coupons in your Yahoo Store? Click here for our Coupon Code Video Tutorial 

When shopping online, 94% of online shoppers conduct research prior to making a research and of those 61% always use search engines. What I found interesting, the search engine use depends on what type of product they are buying. Do you sell apparel? Only 12% of your shoppers will use search engines to find their products. Read More

Other interesting facts from Marketing Charts:

  • More than 80 million consumers use comparison shopping sites, with sites including Cnet, Bizrate, and Yahoo Shopping attracting more than 20 million consumers each.

  • Shoe shoppers are the most likely to use sales assistants, both online and in-store.

  • Online kitchenware and household appliance purchasers are among the most reliant on in store product displays.

Yahoo Stores Get Log In Features For Their Customers

Such an exciting update and one that we have been wanting for so long! Check out the video tutorial below on how to add it to your store.

Need help? We can install the Yahoo Store Log In Features for you too!

Just make sure you are following some best practices and make sure your log in does not make your customers drop off!

check out

Make sure whatever you do, TEST TEST TEST

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August 2010 Yahoo Store News Part 2

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