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Building a Blog for Income by T. J. Philpott

Building a blog today has taken on an entirely new dimension compared to just a few years ago. Formerly, they were simple to create online platforms to opinionate on, share personal insights, or even utilized as online journals much like diaries. But just like most anything else, blogs have evolved. Their effectiveness to passively promote products or services has become widely recognized.

If you market online, a blog is just about a necessity considering all it can do for your business. The ability to engage your readers and get their feedback is priceless and if set up correctly and with enough visitors reading your post, you can even sell advertising space thereby collecting a passive income. There are some very basic steps you want to take to make your blog work for you. Keep in mind that there's more involved to fully optimize your blog for business but these 3 components will be the foundation you build on.

1) Appearance

You need to have a layout that is easy for the first time visitors to navigate, making it simple for them to access old postings and to just look around your site. You want a look and feel that is you and an appearance that is a fit for the business or product you're promoting. You will have a choice of templates and layouts to choose from. This part is fun so enjoy it but don't worry, if you don't like what you initially picked you can change it any time you like.

2) Quality Postings

This area which will be the cornerstone of your site. What you post will determine how effective your efforts are to be. Your post has to entice your visitors to continue reading. It has to have useful, interesting, and entertaining content if possible. Let your personality out of the bag. Anybody can find and post useful information, its how you present it that will keep them coming back for more. Just be yourself and go with the flow. Remember to post regularly with fresh and concise content. Keep your delivery natural. You're having a conversation with your readers, not reporting the 6 o'clock news to them.

3) Monetizing Your Blog Space

With a good amount of visitors, advertisers will be tripping over each other to get space on your blog. Here's where you can charge a rate (monthly) for advertisers to 'rent' space on your site. Be careful not to clutter your pages. Too many advertisers or activity and it will distract your visitors. You lose your visitors, you lose your page rankings, you lose your advertising and you are starting all over again. As a rule 2-3 a page should keep things orderly and acceptable to your visitors and make the posted ads more effective for the sponsors.

Building a blog following this format will insure you visitors, a strong page ranking, and income if that is your goal. To your blogging success!



About the Author

T.J Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina. For more information on succeeding in blog marketing and to receive a free guide that demonstrates how to find both profitable markets and products visit: http://blogpotency.smmsite..com

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Building a Blog for Income by T. J. Philpott

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