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eBook Money Machine

eBook Money Machine
eBook Money Machine
Announcing The Brand New, 6 Part, Step By Step Video Course, That Finally Shows...

"How to Quickly and Easily, Learn to Publish Your ‘Hot Selling’ eBooks to Amazon Kindle...And Reach the Massive Kindle Market...Starting Today!"

This is a step by step video course, that takes you by the hand to show you how to publish eBooks, quickly and easily...

Sales Fact: There's a HUGE demand for the Amazon Kindle. That's right...On November 19, 2007, Amazon released the Kindle First Generation. Within five and a half hours it sold out! Keep in mind that the device remained out of stock for another five months, until late April 2008.

You see, another huge factor for Amazon Kindle’s growth, is it makes things easy for users.

eBooks are Cheaper
Users can download the first chapter of any book for free, which can increase sales.
iPhone owners can buy Kindle books and read them on their phones (This is huge!)
Kindle is portable and simple to use for everyone. (Made for reading...good for people that are less techy)
Besides eBooks, you can read newspapers, magazines and blogs on your kindle.
It’s Fast... just buy a book and it is auto-delivered wirelessly in less than one minute.
And Much More

Benefits for YOU, the Publisher:

As you've seen from above, you have access to a massive market of readers, who want specific ebooks. Amazon Kindle has made it so easy for anyone to use their system, and because of that, the market just keeps growing.

What about security? Is it safe to put your ebooks online? Yes, ebooks bought at Amazon are protected by AZW DRM. This way Kindle readers can't share your books with their friends.

Problems you may face: You may have written a great Book, but you don't know how to publish it onto Amazon Kindle. You're worried it's too technical and you just don't know how to start.

  • How do you make your Book digital?

  • How do you price your eBook?

  • How do you promote your eBook?

  • How do you improve your eBook, so that it adds value and sells?

This step by step, 6 part video series, takes you by the hand and shows you how to quickly create your
"Hot Selling" eBook, and publish it on Amazon Kindle within 30 days or less!

Here's a list of this 6 part video series in more detail
Video#1: Introduction on Amazon Kindle and eBook Creation
In this video, you will learn what tools you need to get started. You'll also learn how it all works, so you know what to expect before we even get started. Once you learn this, you can implement this business model faster. You'll also be given a quick overview of what you'll be learning, in the rest of this video series.
Video #2: Brainstorming and Research Your Market
In this video I will be covering how to create your eBook, because your success will come from the content of your eBook and whether or not there is a buying market out their or not. It’s easy for you to just start writing on any topic and try to sell it, but if you take that route, then you may not make any sales.

In this section, you will learn brainstorming ideas, and how to do proper research to ensure that your eBook does reach a buying market... yet most importantly, adds value to the market.
Video #3: Writing an eBook that Sells
Once you have done the proper research, you can now write your eBook. In this section you will learn some tips and tracks to help you sell your eBook better on Amazon Kindle’s market place. Skip this part and you will fail this whole video series.

It is super vital that you pay close attention to writing an eBook that sells. Don’t assume you can just write an eBook; slap it together and publish it on Amazon. Without the proper research in any eBook or business model, you are setting yourself up for failure. So that’s what we’ll discuss in this section.
Video #4: Formatting your eBook
What kind of file should you save it in? Do you need to know HTML? All those questions will be answered in this specific video. When it comes to formatting; it really isn’t that hard. In fact Amazon gives you guidelines in this section, but also makes it easy for you to publish your eBook fast.
Video #5: Publishing and Pricing with Amazon DTP
Before you publish your eBook, you need to understand pricing; because even if you make sales, if you don’t understand Amazon’s system, you can decrease the amount of money you get. So in this section you will learn some basic tips on Amazon’s pricing model. Then you will get to see step by step, how we publish a book using Amazon’s DTP platform.
Video #6: Promoting Your eBook
Amazon takes around 48 hours to approve and publish English written books and about 2-3 days for non-English. If you ask me, that’s very fast, compared to other publishing platforms out there. Now that your eBook is published, while you can make sales just being on Amazon’s marketplace, you still need to be proactive and get the word out, as much as you can about your new eBook.

But how? Glad you asked. That’s what you'll learn in this section...different ways to promote your eBook and market it.

So...with that said, grab this video series and learn how to start publishing quality ebooks onto Amazon Kindle today.

P.S. This is one of the most risk-free ways to get started creating eBooks and publish them onto Amazon Kindle. The investment required is virtually next to nothing, compared to what you will be receiving!

P.P.S. This 6 part video series isn't just another one of those videos that leaves you in the dark. You get to watch over our shoulder from start to finish, as I show you how to produce eBooks that add value to the market and most importantly, SELL!

You can watch the videos immediately after ordering.
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