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Fast & Easy Video Squeeze Pages

Fast & Easy Video Squeeze Pages
Fast & Easy Video Squeeze Pages
Looking for an easy way to create a "video squeeze page"?

Grab This Brand New Set Of The
Simplest To Use & Highest Quality
Video Squeeze Page Templates!

Have a Whole Video Squeeze Page Set Up In Minutes
(No Tech Skills and No Special Software Required)

Dear Friend,

If you follow the latest Internet Marketing trends, I'm sure you've seen a lot of people using simple video sales pages and video "squeeze pages" to promote their products and to build a list. Some people are switching over completely from long sales letters, to simple video pages to promote their stuff.

There is a good reason for this... these video sales pages and squeeze pages increase sale and opt-in conversions.

So if you ever wanted to start using these video pages yourself, I did all the hard work for you. I've put together a brand new collection of really easy to use, and really professional video squeeze page templates, based on some of the latest trends.

I went out there and did some research, took a look at many of the latest "guru" product launches (especially the ones using videos), and the type of designs they used, and then came up with my own variations of the best designs.

And here are some things all of these designs had in common...

1. They had a pretty simple yet professional design that didn't distract too much from the video presentation and sales message (in other words, there were no over the top special effects).

2. They had a video on the left side, an opt-in form on the right side, and in many cases some short sales copy below the video with another opt-in form at the bottom.

In short they looked something like this....

And so I created a whole bunch of these templates, and put them into a new package called...

Fast & Easy Video Squeeze Pages

What makes this package special...

1. Super easy to use templates (no special software required).

The templates are already nicely layed out and formatted, and ready to go. You just copy and paste video and autoreponder codes into the new template (into clearly marked spots). No need to fuss around with HTML and CSS code. No tech skills needed at all.

You just copy the code exactly as you see it in your video account (YouTube, Viddler, Camtasia, or ANY other) and paste it into the clearly marked area in the HTML template:

Then copy and paste your autoresponder code (Aweber, GetResponse, or ANY other) into it's own marked area:

2. The videos and opt-in boxes are expandable to any size.

Most other templates out there have a specific width and height for each part of the template like the video, the opt-in box, and the sales copy. So you have to make sure your videos and opt-in forms are in exact dimensions, or the template will get distorted.

These new templates here are expandable in size in every way (width and height). So you can have any size videos and any size opt-in forms (even with 10 fields or more) and teh design will expand along with your videos and forms.

3. Clean, simple and professional designs that can be used for any niche and any market.

Most of the successful internet marketers and "gurus" use just these types of designs themselves. They have a simple and clean overall design, with a video, an opt-in form, and some arrows pointing to the opt-in form. And I created my own variations of these designs for this package.

4. Lots of variety.

With this package you'll get tons of variety of different styles, layout types, colors, and more. So what ever your needs are, there's most likely a template here for you.

So with all that said, let me show you....

Exactly What You Get
With This Package...

This package consists of 5 different design styles, with each design style: in 4 different layout types, with 3 different corner types, and 5 different colors. Here are some screenshots and more details....

5 Different Professional
Design Styles...

4 Different Layout Types...

Each of the 5 different design styles comes in 4 different layout types

Layout 1: Video with just and opt-in form on the right.

Layout 2: Video with and opt-in form on the right + a sales letter below the video (same width as the video) with another opt-in form at the bottom.

Layout 3: Video with and opt-in form on the right + a sales letter below the video (wider than the video and centered) with another opt-in form at the bottom.

Layout 4: A video with a sales letter below it.

3 Corner Types...

All of the above comes with different corner design types.

To give you even more variety, I've included each of the templates with different corner variations for the video skins, opt-in boxes, and the sales copy areas. The 3 corner types are "round", "slightly round", and "square".

5 Colors...

All of the above template variations (all the design styles, layout types, and corner types) come in 5 different colors.

Each template comes in 5 colors: blue, white, orange, red, and green.

In Total You Get
300 Different Template Variations

If you do the math with all of the elements I mentioned above....

5 design styles x 4 layouts x 3 corners x 5 colors = 300 different template variations.

That's NOT 300 completely different templates, but different variations with all the colors, styles, layouts and corners. So there's quite a lot of variety.

And all of these 300 templates are already nicely formatted in HTML, and ready to go. You don't need Photoshop to modify the designs, or any other special software. Just copy and paste your video embed code, your opt-in code, and your sales copy (optional) and you have a high quality video squeeze page ready in minutes.

But that's not all...

You Also Get a
"Graphics Elements" Library
With Over 400 Items

With this graphics elements library you'll get things like big arrows, animated arrows, background images, and more "elements" that you can copy and paste into your template to spice things up a little, and to add visual aids to make the opt-in form more noticeable. These graphics elements will come in different colors and styles. Here are some samples...

(This is just a small sample of all the graphics elements you will get. The actual graphics are bigger than the sample, and there is a lot more variety of different colors and styles.)

You Also Get PSD Source Files
To Everything

In case you want to modify the templates and the graphics elements further, you also get full PSD source files to everything, which gives you complete control of how the templates look and a lot of flexibility. You don't have to use them, since all the templates and graphics are already in place and formated, but if you do want to play around with the source files, you can.

So How Much Is This Product?

I'm sure you can agree that hiring a designer to design and then format and put together your video squeeze page for you would cost a lot of money. And doing all this yourself could be a struggle and a nuance and a time waster. So how much is having a quality video squeeze page worth to you?

I wanted to make this affordable for everyone, so the price I came up with is...

Not $67!

Not $47!

$27 Only!

At that price just one of the templates in this package is easily worth the price of the whole package.

I also have a money back guarantee, just in case that price is not low enough...

Try the product for 30 days, and if you're not satisfied just send me an email and I'll send you a refund. So there's absolutely no risk on your part. All the risk is on me.

Hope you see the value in this offer and will give this product a try. To place your order click on the link below.

Order Information...

Item # Fast & Easy Video Squeeze Pages
Regular Price:$47.00
Our Price$27.00

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Fast & Easy Video Squeeze Pages

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