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Feb 2005 Yahoo Store Newsletter

Welcome to this months newsletter! Google and MSN have been very busy changing and updating their search engines. You may have noticed a change in your rankings. Don't fret and hold on for the ride. Things should be back to normal soon! We will bring you updated information on these changes and how you can prepare your Yahoo Store for these changes.


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YStore Online Classes

1 Choice 4 YStore is proud to announce our new Online Classes. We know how busy you are and that is ok! Take your time and finish the courses on your schedule. Sign up now for half off! We look forward to adding more classes soon! If you would like a course to be offered, let us know! See all classes here


Yahoo Store Tip - Using Your References in Yahoo Store

Most people overlook this extremely useful tool that Yahoo provides to us. When you go into your store manager and click on References, to most people it looks like a bunch of graphs and numbers. Since this is such a valuable tool we thought it was important to teach you how to use this tool and what information is invaluable to you and your search engine optimization.

So letís get started and click on that link! First I want you to find your references from Google and click on the graph image (yes click on the actual graph). Now you should see a graph telling you how many references for the last180 days that you have had from Google. Are you moving up? Are you moving down? Or are you stagnant? Now click on Last 30 Days and hit the Graph Button. Now we can see your references in the last 30 days. Hopefully you see a gradual increase!

Now letís click on the very top where it says references. Find your Google Link again and click on details. This will provide you a list of the top search terms used to find your site in Google for the last 180 days. If you click on the actual link with the search term, you will be taken to the page in Google where you are located at. What page were you found on?

Now letís take it one step further and click on See All. This may take a moment to come up but is well worth the wait! Now that those are up, you will be able to see how every customer came into your site from Google. What search terms did they use to find you? Are you overlooking important keyword phrases? Should you be concentrating on these?

Now do this for Yahoo and MSN. Use the information you find to bring more customers into your site!

In The News

Many directories have recently been removed from Google's cache. It is uncertain whether or not Google is targeting directories, but even if they are targeted by Google they still are having an exceptionally noticeable effect on relevancy in Yahoo! and MSN.

Google AdWords offers free cross platform tracking from your Google AdWords account. You can track other PPC search engines, email ads, and banner ads. They are also to be offering a bid management API soon.

Advertisers Drive Yahoo! to Record Year
Both brand advertising and search marketing are strong factors in the portal's profitable fourth quarter and for 2004.

AOL Search: Playing In the Big Leagues Now
AOL is rolling out several enhancements to its core search functionality that position it as a contender in the battle for eyeballs.

Dealing With Google's New Affiliate-Linking Policy
How does Google's new affiliate link policy affect you?

Holiday E-mail Campaigns Receive Mixed Report
Majority of consumers express conflicted reactions to e-mail marketing.

SEMs Welcome Google to API Club
Industry-watchers say the move could have a significant impact on the search advertising market.

Use E-Mail to Boost Offline Retail Sales
Devloping an online email progam. Introduces Auction Style PPC Bidding
Source: Search Engine Guide - announced today that they plan to add an auction style component to their pay-per-click advertising program. The move will allow advertisers to have more control over how and where their contextual ads are placed in the network.

Googling the Bottom Line
Source: Wired - How much is it worth to a company's bottom line to place near the top of Google's search rankings?

What to do with Keywords for your Search Marketing Campaign
Source: Search Engine Guide - I understand that one is supposed to optimize the copy of their website to incorporate as many of these keywords as will logically fit but is there a registering process that goes along with the keyword selection process?

SEO: The True Cost of Doing It Wrong
Source: Search Engine Guide - Often, the cost of effectively performing SEO in-house, when fully calculated, will be equal to or greater than the costs of outsourcing (due to a sizable learning curve and the necessary testing and experimentation required).

Search Engine Changes Blur the Line Between Myth and Reality
Source: Search Engine Guide - This year many common assumptions about search engine marketing have been made obsolete or require a different way of thinking. Many erroneous assumptions continue to be proliferated in hundreds of forum posts, emails and marketing articles.

Has Google Dropped Their 101K Cache Limit?
Source: ResearchBuzz - With the ability to search for more words, the ability to search a larger percentage of a Web page (it looks like many cases 100% of a Web page!) will come in really handy.

Ingredients of a Search Engine Friendly Site
Source: Search Engine Guide - Many are under the impression that one has to sacrifice the end user if they are to please the search engine. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is the end user that you want to attract and as a result, covert to a customer. Therefore you should always design and market your site with the end user in mind.

E-commerce has evolved from online billboards to a fully functional, personalized shopping experience over the past decade. While there were
a few bumps along the road, the path from 1994 through the 2004 holiday shopping season is full of milestones of Internet pioneers and
technology innovators. See the Full Story:

Online Advertising: Looking Back and Ahead
With 2005 just beginning, eMarketer takes a quick look at some of the trends in ad spending for 2004 and 2005. Read More

Online Consumer Spending up in 2004
New findings from comScore show healthy growth in online consumer spending for 2004 in both the retail and travel sectors. Read More

Top Ten E-Business Trends for 2005
Wondering what to look out for online and in the e-business landscape? eMarketer's analysts and research team put together the top trends ó from rich media to wireless broadband ó for this year. Read More

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Feb 2005 Yahoo Store Newsletter

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