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February 2011 Yahoo Store News Part 2


Do You Need Help Growing Your Business?

Grow Your BusinessI started my first business out of my living room 11 years ago. I was a single mother who had left an abusive relationship and was just trying to survive.

At the time, there was not enough information on the web on how to really grow my new online business. Everyone wanted you pay for it.

I didn’t have the money. I did the only thing I could do. I started learning on my own!

One day I found myself sitting at a Search Engine Strategies Conference absolutely LOVING the education I was getting. I wish I had that education available to me years prior.

Let’s be honest. There was no way I could have done it. It cost $2,000 to get in the door, $400 for the flight, $200-$300 a NIGHT for the hotel, and other expenses. Don’t get me wrong, the education was WORTH IT.

As I looked around the room at that moment, I realized I had to find a way to bring that same quality education to that single mother working at home, in her living room, with her 2 boys, after leaving a husband with nothing but their clothes.

How could I help her get the same education NOW?

How could I help the small business owner who works all week and then works nights and weekends on their website the same quality education? How could I help someone disabled to get the same education? How do I bring this education to everyone?

FreeThat’s when it hit me. We will hold an event online. We will make it free.

This could work! Right???!!!


Guess what?

It worked!!

We are now holding our FOURTH New Life Event!!

And it is free. And it is wonderful. And it is the best online education available. And it is the most amazing thing I have ever created besides my children.


Here is where it gets interesting!

I didn’t want advertisers or sponsors. I really wanted this to be about free education plain and simple. I LOVE EDUCATION!! If you have been to my webinars, my radio show, or followed me at all… then you know.

So how do you get BIG speakers to come to my tiny little webinar series with no money and no advertising?

Got it!

You ask the attendees to sponsor the event!!

You ask them to spread the word to their friends, and they share with their friends, and they share, and so on, and so on, and so on.

If enough people show up to the live event, then these BIG speakers will want to show up AND they will want to come back. If we get enough people to show up, these BIG speakers will give us the BEST education possible and we get it for free.

All we have to do is get tons of people to show up!!

Wait, we can make these even more fun! We can ask people to donate really cool prizes and give those away to people who are blogging, tweeting, facebooking, and sharing the event with their friends.

And guess what?

We have some really cool prizes!!

But then I came up with ANOTHER idea!

We have so many wonderful people that come to all 30 webinars. You know that they are HUNGRY for education. You know that they want to be successful. You know that they are willing to put in the time and effort to be successful. All they need is a hand.

And that is when the Grand Prize Business in a Box idea came to me.

What is the GRAND PRIZE??

It is your very own business in a box! As one of our attendees Carla put it -

"It's a New Life."
Business In a Box

1. Lifetime Membership to WorldwideBrands - This is where you can go to find a product to sell online. Don't have money to invest in products? DON'T WORRY! You will be able to find dropshippers that will invest in the products. You sale the products and they ship it for you. As you grow bigger, you will find light-bulk and wholesale products to sale at WordwideBrands as well.

2. 4 Months Free Yahoo Store - Have a place to sell your products online that is easy, secure, and search engine friendly. Thank you @mikeober from Yahoo! This is now 6 months free!!

3. New Custom Store Design for your Yahoo Store by 1 Choice -We will help you grow your online store with a custom design and programming. This means more profit for you! We will focus on search and conversion optimization and help you learn how to use your new Yahoo Store inside and out!

4. 1 Seat to Chris Malta's Ebiz Workshop - A full day of online learning with Chris on how to develop a clear roadmap to success for YOUR business. This is a great opportunity to learn from someone who knows how to create a successful online business.

5. Four Hour Social Media Consultation with Melissa Lierman - Melissa is going to help you set up and implement your Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube marketing plan. She will help you develop your Social Media strategy specific to YOUR products and YOUR customers. You will learn how, when, who, where, and everything in between too!

6. Sit with Stoney g DeGeyter for 30 minutes discussing your Search Engine Optimization, Site Architecture, and Usability of your website. Stoney has been in this business since 1998 and is a well known speaker, blogger, and knows how to help his clients improve their conversion rates.

7. Join the WebSellersCircle.com for 3 months and enjoy rock solid info on eCommerce, eBay, marketing, business, and more! You will find lots of great information here and be able to network with other ecommerce owners.

8. Greg Jamison is going to help you create a 2 minute product video to upload to your YouTube Channel. Using videos to sell your products can help increase conversions by up to 300%! Don't have a YouTube Channel? Greg will help you create one!And more "extras" are being added on!

This is everything you need to start and grow a successful business online!!

So how do you win your Business in a Box?

Head on over to The New Life Event for all the details!!


Shawna Seigel

Shawna Seigel
(Formally Shawna Fennell but, I got married on the Fourth of July!) Click To See Pictures

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February 2011 Yahoo Store News Part 2

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