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Forms of Online Advertising by Akanksha

Advertising is one of the oldest tools available to draw the attention of prospective customers towards products and services. What began as word of mouth promotion in the past, slowly matured to become the most widely used components of a firm's promotional strategy. Depending on the product's lifecycle, advertising may be aimed at creating awareness, arousing interest and pushing sales.

The most popular forms of advertising and the media used includes - TV (commercials) & Radio (Jingles) Advertising, Print Advertising (print ads), Commercial / Outdoor Advertising including - Advertising on Billboards, Hoardings etc. The role of Advertising Agencies in streamlining the Advertising Industry cannot be ignored.

However, in recent times, the newest form of advertising that has gained tremendous popularity is Online Advertising.

What is Online Advertising? To put it simply, Online Advertising refers to advertising that is done on the internet. Over the years, online advertising has gained centre stage and has become a major source of revenue generation.

Forms of Online Advertising Advertising on the internet takes several forms. These include -

#1 Advertising through written Articles When we talk about online businesses, article writing continues to be the most common form of online advertising. Well written and focussed articles can do wonders for your business and continue to be one of the most cost effective ways of online advertising. The internet is flooded with article directories that accept well written articles and make them available for Free Reprint - a great way to promote your business.

#2 Email Advertising Advertising through email is another common form of online advertising. However, what distinguishes it from spam is when it takes the shape of legitimate opt in emailing.

#3 Search Engine Advertising A lot of webmasters use the service of Pay Per Click Providers such as Google Adwords to advertise their business and website on Search Engines. Such paid listings help in advertising the business and the site owners are charged only when someone clicks on their ad.

#4 Website Advertising A lot of webmasters use related websites to advertise their business. The trick is to select those websites which receive visitors related to your industry. Depending on your online advertising budget, you can select from a range of sites with varying advertising options and pricing.Here are a few common ad formats popularly used on websites - @ Pop Ups - new windows that open up on already existing web pages every time a page loads.@ Pop-Under: these ads open when a page loads but are usually seen only when the current pages are closed.

@ Banner ads - usually gif or jpeg rectangular image ads that come in varying sizes and are displayed in prominent places on a website. 468 pixels wide by 60 pixels high is the most common banner size and such ads may be clickable linking to a particular web page or website.

@ Video ads: moving banners with video clips.

@ Floating ads: specially designed ads that appear above the content on a page and moves along the page as it is viewed.

@ Expanding ads: ads that change size.

#5 Affiliate Marketing this form of online marketing is gaining tremendous popularity. This form of advertising is based on the concept that affiliates are paid when their marketing efforts boost sales and generate revenue for the advertiser. Affiliate marketing programs create a win-win situation for all parties concerned.

Depending on your specific advertising goals, it is recommended to pay attention to the various forms of online advertising and create a campaign that best suits your business. Keep in mind that web surfers at times, do not like distractions when they surf the net or visit a website.

Users especially get irritated when certain attributes on a site take away all the control from their hands and forces them to leave the site. This includes pop-ups that occupy most part of the screen and do not have a close button, automatically start playing sound and move all around the page, etc. When using any of the online advertising techniques, try to strike a balance between usability and the overall user experience.

Here is a Glossary of Advertising related Terms Contributing Author: Akanksha is a freelance content writer. An Advertising graduate, she writes Research based Articles on topics ranging from content writing, travel, home improvement etc. akanksha_sinha@hotmail.com

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Forms of Online Advertising by Akanksha

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