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An Introduction To Keyword Research by Tomas Svensson

In this article you will learn more about keyword research and why it is so important for your new site. You will also learn a little bit about the tools that can be used to find these keywords.

When building a new website, the keyword research is perhaps the most important part of your marketing campaign. Here you have the ability to pinpoint the keyword phrases used by searchers seeking a product or service and this information is invaluable to you both in paid search and traditional organic SEO.

In order for you to find all the best keywords for your site, you will need a keyword tool. My recommendation is that you use Wordtracker for you research, but many also uses Keyword Discovery with good results. I actually think that Keyword Discovery now has databases with larger searches too and it also gives data that goes back for a year while Wordtracker only has for about 2 months.

For example, Keyword Discovery returned 354 relevant keywords for a brand new site of mine. Then it's always a good idea to organize your keywords with Keyword Results Analyzer or a similar tool. These kinds of tools are the answer for webmasters who want an easier solution.

The keyword research is the process of selecting the optimum keywords with best performance for your site. It's these keyword phrases that will help users on the web to find your site. Just imagine if you have spent months on fine-tuning your pages for a better ranking with the search engines and you end up with no traffic. Then it will all be a waste of time if the right keywords are not targeted.

When doing keyword research you should focus on those with low competition in the beginning. The competition is the measure of the amount of other websites that are also optimized for a given keyword. The lower the competition is for a keyword the easier you will have to rank high for it.

Keyword results can also be limited to countries and specific languages. The term keyword research refers in general to the process of finding specific words and strings of words that web users type when they search for information. Sometimes it can also refer to the analyzing process and determining what keywords are the best for your site.

Up til recently Google held around 50-60% of all searches on the Internet and the other 50% were from Yahoo, MSN in large. Therefore you should only care about Google supply when choosing keywords for your site. You will find this to be the best way to do it.

Another tool you can use is the Google Toolbar, which is free. It makes highlighting keyword, checking density, viewing Page Rank and backlinks quick and easy. Personally I'm also a big fan of the Google Keyword Tool, which I find particular useful for finding theme words for my articles. These words are not just based on SEO, but also on relevancy and how much people are willing to bid for the words.

About the Author

Tomas Svensson is a SEO writer. On his site you will find more tips on how you can implement search engine optimization on your own site.

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An Introduction To Keyword Research by Tomas Svensson

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