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January 2008 Yahoo Store News


It's a new year and I am SO excited!

First, did you change your copyright? I hope so! If you didn't, pause and do that now.

Ok...Did you get the note that you have to make changes to any type of forms that you have on your website? This means if you have a Mailing List Sign Up or a Contact Us form on your website...it has to get updated NOW. If you haven't done that yet, read this next.

Phew...hard work is over. Ok so I have been doing LOTS of traveling!!

I have more traveling to do. Why do you care? You see...I'm traveling to learn and I will bring back to you all of the good stuff!

So here is my upcoming agenda:

January 30th - February 1st - Internet Retailer Web Design Conference 08

Internet Retailer will have detailed information on the proven practices, hottest trends and latest technologies in retail web site design. The goal of Web Design '08, is to show attendees how better web designs can dramatically boost conversion ratesóand thus web salesówithout spending more on marketing to build traffic.

By the way, did you know that how your website is designed and coded can greatly affect your Search Engine Optimization? It's true! That is why 1 Choice stays on top of the latest and greatest techniques by attending these conferences!

February 22nd - February 26th - Affiliate Summit

Great show to be at if you want to start an affiliate program, join affiliate programs, or just network with some of the best professionals on the web!

February 27th - February 28th - Search Marketing Expo West

Participate in the SMX Boot Camp which covers all the bases of search marketing success: copywriting, link building, paid search fundamentals and search engine friendly web design. Learn the latest techniques for achieving superior results in both paid and organic search marketing. Heard of Search 3.0? Search 4.0? SMX West has entire days dedicated to keeping you ahead of the curve with the inside scoop on future developments that only the editors of Search Engine Land can deliver, topics like the personalized search revolution, the social graph, and searcher behavior. This show has it all!

March 2nd - March 5th - Internet Merchants Association Conference - ASD/AMD Trade Show

There will be presenters from the top names and top minds in Internet and E-commerce. Companies presenting and providing education sessions include Google, eBay, Amazon, Infopia, Orange Soda and Channel Advisor. 1 Choice 4 Your Store is also speaking at this event!

March 17th - March 20th - Search Engine Strategies New York

Search Engine Strategies (SES) is the leading global conference & expo series that educates delegates on search engine marketing (SEM), including optimization (SEO) and advertising strategies, tactics and best practices.

Now that you know where I am going to be, let me give you some more information.

**I will be posting to our blog daily from all of these events giving you the latest and greatest information.

The net changes DAILY and we are staying right on top of things!

Are you going to be at any of the events above?

If so, let me know and let's do lunch or dinner or just have a diet coke and talk about all the great stuff that we are learning at the conferences!

Click here to contact me and put in the subject line the name of the conference you are attending. I love to meet our customers!

I hope to see you at one of the events listed above but if not, make absolutely sure that you are getting our blog feeds so that you get the latest information!



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January 2008 Yahoo Store News

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