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June/July 2006 Newsletter


Christmas In July????

If your mind is not on the quickly approaching Christmas Season...why not??!!

Most store owners realize too late that their website needs help during their busiest time of the year...Christmas.

Why should you worry about Christmas in July? Most sites can take up to 8-12 weeks to see major differences of ranking with a new design or using optimization. As of July 12th, 2006 we have 20 weeks left till the biggest shopping day of the year. This allows as little as 8 weeks of getting work completed and making adjustments as needed for the Big Day.

How can 1 Choice help you? We have several packages available to assist you with design as well as optimizing your website for the search engines. We want to see you become successful!

On a tight budget? No problem! With 1/3rd payment down, we can divide the rest by 16 weeks. Our design special package meets the needs of many store owners and would cost $400.00 down and $50.00 a week (after approval of mock-up).

So don't wait till the last minute to arrive....get your site ready now!


Recently Completed

New Services

New Packages

Lot's of changes going on here at 1 Choice. Including 2 new packages that include quite a bit of features for your Yahoo Store. Our premium package includes the following additions:

-  Multiple Inset Table $125.00 (INCLUDED) - Currently you are allowed to show 1 image and 1 inset image per page. If you need to show more images (ex. Colors, or styles) then the Multiple Insets will allow you to add up to 8 additional images.

- Dynamic Testimonials $75.00 (INCLUDED) - Testimonials help to increase sales. They promote trust and show that people are buying from your store. Instead of your customers seeing the same testimonial on each page, they will see a new testimonial each time they go to a new page. Grab their attention and their order!

- Add multiple items to the shopping cart $250.00 (INCLUDED) - With a single click your customers can add related items to their shopping cart instead of having to click on each item separately (For instance, if you are selling Bedding the sheets, the pillowcases, the comforter, etc. They will have the option to add one, two, or all items to their cart and only have to click add to cart one time.

- Shop By Price $200.00 (INCLUDED) - Add a page for any price range and automatically it will fill up with items in that price range. Example, Gifts Under $50.00. We can create a drop down box your different price ranges as well.

- Shop By Brand  $200.00 (INCLUDED) - Add a page for any brand and automatically it will fill up with items in that match the brand. We can create a drop down box of your brands as well.

- View All

Make sure to check out or Complete SEO Package as well.

For our current customers, if you would like to upgrade your store, let us know via email and we will get started right away!

(You only pay the difference between the package price you have and the package you want to upgrade to.)

1 Choice 4 Class

We have started our online course called Yahoo Store Editor 101. The main focus of this course is to help you move around within the Yahoo Store Editor. Subjects covered include adding products, adding sections, and moving things around, etc. The class is short and sweet and we are now offering this course free of charge to our customers. All that we ask is that at the end of your course, provide us with some feedback. Was the course easy or too hard? Did we explain things in ways that made sense or were you lost? Let us know how we did! We are asking you to grade us! Send your comments to support@1c4y.com

What is REALLY exciting is that store owners can use the course for teaching new employees! Instead of spending days trying to teach them how to use the store while also trying to take orders, get out orders, and everything else you have to do....You can give them the URL and have them complete the course by themselves. We hope to save you hours of time it would take to train them.

The class URL is http://www.1choice4ystoreclass.com

Sign Up a new account and them email us for the Activation Key. Please put Activation Key in the subject of your email. We will also be creating a downloadable ebook format as well for this course as well as our other courses.


  • Affiliate Program - Over 70% of our business is from return customers and referrals. Our return customers receive an additional 15% off our packages. We want to say thank you for your referrals as well! More details coming soon.
  • Online Poker Tournament - Do you love to play poker? How would you like to play for free and win 1 Choice Dollars that can be used for RTML, SEO, or Design?? Stay tuned as we set up a specific date and time for Store Owners ONLY to participate in a fun and exciting poker tournament online. Relax, have fun, meet other Store Owners and WIN!!
  • SEO Class - Our online SEO course is tailored for the Yahoo Store Owner. Learn what it takes to get top rankings in the search engines.
  • HTML Class - Have you always wondered how to make small changes to your font for color or bold? Perhaps you wanted to add a link in your text. This class will not go over every detail of HTML but it is perfect for a store owner that wants to complete simple easy tasks using HTML.

Featured Article

Marketing Plans for your Ecommerce Business

If you own an Ecommerce business you should have a marketing plan for your store. You will not be successful on the web unless people know how to find you. If you have a well thought out marketing plan, your online business can be marketed to potential customers all over the Internet.

Here are a few questions you will need to answer that will help you write your marketing plan for your online business.

Who are your customers?
· How did they find you?
· What do they buy?
· When do they buy?
· Why did they choose to buy from you and not your competitor?

What are you goals for your marketing plan? How will you measure those goals? You can measure an increase in traffic, but are they buying and not just looking? Determine a percentage increase you would like to see in your conversion rate.

What time frame will the marketing plan encompass? A one-year marketing plan with monthly goals is sufficient, but remember to review your plan regularly to be sure you are on track. Your plan can always be revised based on current conditions.

Here is the tough one – how will you accomplish these goals?
· Does your website reflect your products? For example, if you are selling tools, does your design immediately convey that image to your customer? Cool colors such as blue and silver would reflect tools while pastels would reflect children’s clothes.
· Does your website appeal to your client? For example, if your target customers are senior citizens, does your website have large fonts to help read about your products?
· Is your website up to date with the latest features for search engine optimization? Is your content relevant to your site?
· Do you have a budget for advertising? What is your ROI (Return on Investment)? Determine how much $1 of advertising should generate in sales. If you are not accomplishing your ROI, consider revising your keywords.
· Do you have an email campaign? (Caution – only send emails to those who have submitted their address. Never buy lists!)
· Write a newsletter every month and send it to your customers inviting them to your store. The subject of the email should be something that prompts their curiosity. Instead of “Monthly Newsletter for ABC Company”, try “New Addition to the Family? Unique Gifts for Little Ones”.

A Marketing Plan should be an ongoing plan that is reviewed and revised to achieve your goals. Take the time to write your answers down and review them often.

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June/July 2006 Newsletter

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