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June 2008 Yahoo Store News


Can your online business survive during the recession?


Are we in a recession?

Some say we are. I go to the mall, nobody is there. I go out to eat; I no longer have to wait for a table. I want to book a last minute flight, no problem as long as I am willing to pay twice the price. Businesses all over are laying off thousands of people. SUVs are sitting on dealers lots and nobody is buying them. Summer vacations are on hold as people are unable to afford the gas prices.

Yet, I look at our customers' websites every day. Their sales are BOOMING.

Where is the recession online?

There isn't one.

Not convinced? Make sure to read our newest e-book which contains an amazing article from Kurt Peters called, "The Internet star rises in a down economy Info from IRCE 2008."

Here is a snip:

The Internet is the engine of growth, especially this year as it appears increasingly likely that the U.S. economy is in a recession. "The Internet today is one of the few opportunities for retailers to capture sales growth and market share," says Robert Antall, CEO of Cleveland-based retail consultants Lake West Group. "A lot of my clients are looking to the web as an opportunity to salvage the year."

So how does your business survive and grow during this time? You need to have the right education and you need to be prepared. I was honored to be interviewed for a series of videos that Worldwide Brands put out called, "Beat the Recession with Ecommerce."

As some of you may know, I wouldn't be here today without Worldwide Brands. You can hear more details about my history with Worldwide Brands in a recent interview we did together on the Yahoo Store Power Hour.

I urge all of our Yahoo Store owners to watch this fascinating and informative video series. You will hear real tips and advice from experts in the field as well as other store owners that are beating this recession! You will even hear from Forrester Research who has conducted research on projected ecommerce sales for the future.

I promise you will learn something new from these videos that will help you to grow your business!

Watch Beating the Recession with Ecommerce Video Series now by clicking here.


Shawna Fennell

P.S. Worldwide Brands for the first time ever is offering a payment plan so that you can find the best products for this holiday season! Now is the time to start finding those products and this is AMAZING deal!

HURRY though!

Offer ends on Monday


New Services
Internet Retailer Chicago Conference 2008 Coverage FREE E-book

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Internet Retailer, Affiliate Summit, and Search Marketing Expo

Did you attend any of the conferences? If not, no worries! We were there and we took good notes! We posted the tips and advice to our blog. We also wanted to provide our customers the information from these great conferences into 1 easy to read format.  Download this free e-book now. It contains all the updates from each of the 3 conferences.

Search Engine Strategies NY Conference Coverage

I understand that following a blog is not always an easy task for store owners. I came up with the idea of putting the post all together into 1 simple downloadable e-book and our customers loved it!

Download your copy now and learn more about landing page optimization, image optimization, converting visitors into buyers, social marketing, and much more.

Speaking of getting top rankings, I love the new Mentor Program!! It is really helping store owners to see results! I am so proud of one our students who went from no ranking at all in Google for a major keyword phrase to number 10 within a few weeks of joining. In MSN they went from number 56 to number 6 with that same keyword phrase. That is awesome!

How did they do it? They followed the steps in the Mentor Program and learned how to add great content to their website!

Watch our short video for more information

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Whether you are brand new to ecommerce or you want to take your Yahoo! store to the next level, the Mentor Program will help you achieve the results you are looking for.

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Recently Interviewed

1 Choice 4 Your Store is proud and honored to host the first and only radio show for Yahoo Store owners. You can catch us live each and every Monday 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM Eastern (3:00 PM - 4:00 PM Pacific) on WSRadio.com

If you have missed any of our shows, you can download them on Itunes or click on the links below (Our Top 3 is listed with RED Stars):

  • 4/14/08 Show - Interview w/ Shawna, Analytics w/ Monitus, & ECMTA
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    Analytics is often the least focused on aspect of running your Yahoo! Store. Michael Whitaker, CEO, Monitus discusses how accurate web analytics will be as well as common issues when implementing analytics.

  • 4/28/2008 - Merchant Accounts
    Starting an online store is not always easy. What do you need in order to open your store? A merchant account. Learn how merchant accounts work. There are different aspects of the merchant account and each part of the puzzle is explained. The difference between real-time processing and virtual terminals are covered as well.

  • 5/5/08 Show - Press Releases & SEO
    Joe Beaulaurier, Marketing Manager for PRWeb explains exactly what SEO is and why all ecommerce sites need to focus on their search engine optimization. Great content is not always enough and press releases can help take your site to the next level.

  • 5/12/08 Show - Gift Registries
    Peter DiSalvo, VP of Marketing for Felicite.com explains more about gift registries. Gift registries are not just for babies and weddings. Registries are being made for birthdays, anniversaries, and many other special occasions. Increase your revenue by 15% or more when using a registry service. Peter offers our listeners a discount and risk free guarantee.

  • ***5/19/08 Show - Increasing Conversion Rates w/ Rob Snell***
    Rob Snell, author of Yahoo Business for Dummies, provides real life tips and information on increasing conversion rats for Yahoo Store. Tips include how to find your conversion rate, how to track your conversion rates, and using the new Checkout Manager. Rob discusses how to increase conversion rates by building confidence, providing contact information, and trust symbols. Rob Snell gives away a free copy of Chapter 21 of his book which discusses in more detail how to increase your conversion rates. Send an email to info@powerhourradioshow.com to get your copy today!

  • ***6/2/2021 Show - Product Sourcing w/ Worldwide Brands***
    Worldwide Brands provides excellent information about the importance of having the right products for your business and how to find those products as well. Collette also shares information about the phenomenal new video series that Worldwide Brands has just released on Beating the Recession which can be found at: http://blog.worldwidebrands.com/

    PLUS Worldwide Brands is offering up great tools and amazing discounts! Make sure to check out their blog for more details. You will not be disappointed!

    I was honored to be a part of the video series that is guaranteed to help many new and old store owners.

  • 6/9/2020 Show - Live from Internet Retailer 08
    Live from Internet Retailer in the Yahoo booth we interview Jimmy Duvall, Senior Director, who is responsible for the development and management of all Yahoo! Small Business products. Jimmy discusses how easy it is to get online with a Yahoo Store and more importantly, how quickly you can be up and running. Jimmy goes on to share some useful tips for ecommerce success. Discussions with Shirley Tan from American Bridal, Scott Smiggler from Exclusive Concepts, and Don Cole from Your Store Wizards are also included!

  • 6/16/2008 Show RTML w/ YTimes, Email Marketing, & Yahoo Success Story
    Istvan Siposs, CEO of Ytimes, wrote his first book RTML 101. Since then, he has been writing additional books to help Yahoo Store Owners learn the art of RTML as well as help them learn the basic tips and tricks of the Yahoo Store. Istvan's latest book covers everything you need to know to customize your Yahoo Store Checkout and can be found by clicking here PLUS Ron Pereira, CEO, Top Right discusses the challenges that many Yahoo Store owners face when it comes to marketing their customers via email and Tom DaPrato, President of Ahl DaPrato, LLC, started his first Yahoo Store in 2002 with his partner Jay Ahl. Since then, they have grown to seven niche internet stores. Tom shares his experience with Yahoo Stores and his important tips for success.

  • ***6/23/2008 Show - Keyword Research - The life blood of SEO***
    Ken McGafin explains why keywords are so important for Yahoo Store Owner to understand. Although you may know how customers are finding you, you may be surprised to find out they are finding your products many different ways. Are you optimizing your website for all the different keyword phrases your customers are using? If not, you are losing sales. Click below to use Wordtracker's free keyword research tool.
    Wordtracker Free Keyword Research Tool

    Ken also discusses the many opportunities that keyword research presents. By understanding lateral keywords and long tail keywords, you can increase your sales and increase your rankings. By creating keyword specific content pages, you are getting a ROI that lasts a lifetime and will continue to bring you additional income if done correctly. Click below to visit the Wordtracker Academy and learn more.
    Wordtracker Academy

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June 2008 Yahoo Store News

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