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June 2012 Yahoo Store News


How to become a Google Trusted Store

Today I was all excited to talk about all the major updates going on with Google and let me tell you... there have been some big ones.

Google has been changing Page Titles in search results, Google Shopping is no longer free, the new algorithm changes are all looking for fresher content, there was a Google Penguin version 1.1 update, a PageRank update, the new Google knowledge graph, and Google Places was changed to Google+ Local.

See what I mean? Lots of BIG things happened in May!

Some other big stuff happened too.

  • Bing updated their Webmaster Tools
  • Google updated their Webmaster Tools
  • Matt Cutts talked about Penalties VS Algorithm Changes - GOOD STUFF!!!

Then there was an announcement yesterday that I think will be bigger than all of the above - Google Trusted Stores.


Google Trusted Stores

Google Trusted Stores?

Google has been testing this new little program since October of 2011 with about 50 online stores. It's another trusted seal program with a twist - It's from Google.

"It's an ecommerce certification that helps shoppers feel comfortable with buying online even if they don't know the store they're buying from," explains Tom Fallows, group product manager at Google Shopping. "It gives them a clear and quick way to know that an online store is trustworthy."

Does it impact sales?

According to Google, some saw conversions increase from 1.4% up to 3.1% and even saw the order size increase by 5.5%.

This program is also offering free purchase protection to customers that purchase from Google Trusted Stores and opt in. Only stores that meet a certain shipping and customer service performance metric will be allowed in the program.

What type of info does Google look at to see if I am trustworthy?

Merchants are measured on the following shipping and service metrics:


  • High percentage of orders with on-time shipping.

    Participating merchants must ship the order within the timeframe specified at purchase.

  • Low average days for product to ship.

    Participating merchants must ship quickly.


  • High percentage of issues resolved quickly.

    Participating merchants must resolve any customer issues quickly.

  • Low number of customers needing assistance with an issue.

    Participating merchants must maintain a low number of customers who experience order issues and need assistance.

Google Trusted Stores

How does Google know if I ship on time or answer customers on time?

Google will monitor your website and know when you receive new sales. You will then send Google the tracking numbers for those orders so that Google can verify that you are keeping your shipping promises.

Google will also run a separate customer service area where customers can contact you about problems regarding their order. Since Google will be copied on all emails, they will also see how quickly you respond to customers.

WOW That is a LOT more work!!

According to Google, they are working with Yahoo Stores, BigComemerce, Shopify, Magento, etc to develop a "push button" operation.

I'm in Shawna! How do I sign up and become a Google Trusted Store?

The best place to start is by going to the Google Trusted Stores Page. Here you can find out all kinds of great information and I HIGHLY recommend you do your research first. Understand what it takes to become a trusted store.

When you are ready to sign up, click on the link to Become a Trusted Store.

Google Trusted Stores Sign Up

The next screen will take you through the process.

Shawna, help me set this up!!


I spoke way too soon :(( For an entire weekend I worked my butt off trying to get these codes to work only to learn that the code is no compatible with the Yahoo Stores...YET. Very upsetting. Very confusing. Very grrrrr

Will update you as soon as I learn more!

Plus, all of those updates I spoke about in the beginning of this newsletter, I will be covering those topics this Monday (June 11th) on our radio show Ecom Experts live at 6:00 PM Eastern.


See you there :)


Shawna Seigel

Shawna Seigel
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June 2012 Yahoo Store News

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