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June 2012 Yahoo Store News Part 2


Help! I need a priority list for my website!

I am having an absolute blast with our Group Coaching meetings each week and this week they asked the greatest question,

"When it comes to my store, what is the priority? What should I work on first?"

I love this question! I often see people spending all their time on Pinterest or Facebook and wonder why they haven't worked on other issues first. Perhaps they don't know any better. So today, it's time to learn priorities!

1. Unique Content

Adding unique content to your website on a consistent basis is the absolute first priority for your website. You need to show the search engines that you are still here and in business! Best way to do this?



  • Your blog posts lasts forever. In fact, I wrote a blog post 2 years ago that brings in quite a bit of relevant traffic to our website every single day AND a blog post I wrote in 2007 is the 6th highest.
  • When writing your blog posts, make sure you are using unique content and linking great keywords to matching products.
  • Forward your blog posts to Twitter and Facebook. TwitterFeed does this automatically for you.
  • By creating unique blog posts that educate and entertain, you are also engaging with your customers. Engagement will lead to more sales!

2. Duplicated Content - Product Descriptions

Duplicated ContentIf you have copied the manufacturer's description or drop shipper's description for each product on your website, you have major work to do! Google wants to show unique results with relevant content that matches the query their customer is searching for.

Give them what they want. Give them something unique and new. Rewrite those product descriptions and educate your customers.

Start right now today by updating 3 products. Tomorrow update 3 products and the next day too. On the fourth day, update 4 products. I promise it will be much easier. Each day it will become easier as you get in the habit of writing great content for your products.

Think about the questions your customers will want to know and what they have already asked you about:

  • Who
  • What
  • When
  • Where
  • How
  • Why

3. Critical SEO Site Issues

Duplicate content is just one of several Critical SEO Site Issues you will want to avoid. Although it is the most important to work on, you want to work on the following next:

  • Duplicated Page Titles
  • 4xx Errors - Pages that cannot be accessed
  • 5xx Errors - Server failing to respond to a request
  • Title Tags Missing or Empty
  • Pages being blocked from the search engines

4. Social Media

Duane Forrester from Bing said it correctly,

"So instead of putting money at what seems to be a short term workaround to what you think is a critically important problem, take that time and work on a social presence program. Work on social media marketing. Work on becoming an authoritative voice in your area."

Spend the time to connect socially on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and once again....Blogging. When the search engines see the engagement, the links, the movement, the response... they in term respond accordingly.

Don't just sell your customer... educate your customer.

No matter what you sell, you can provide education and fun for your customer.

Do some keyword research and learn what it is that they want to learn more about, what they search for, and what they need. Then be the person that gives them exactly what they need.

Social Media

5. Crawl Warnings

Crawl warnings are often penalized by the search engines and should be a priority but, remember to do this after you have worked on all the steps above.

  • Long URLs
  • Temporary Redirects
  • Meta Titles too short
  • Meta Titles too long (Less than 70 Characters)
  • Too many on page links
  • Missing Meta Description tags

I hope this list has provided you with a roadmap of the priorities that you should be working on. Now that you have your list, you have some work to do. But don't forget to enjoy the family and have some fun too!


Shawna Seigel

Shawna Seigel
(Formally Shawna Fennell but, I got married on the Fourth of July in 2010!) Click To See Pictures

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June 2012 Yahoo Store News Part 2

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