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June/July2005 Yahoo Store Newsletter

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In The News


Google May Be Eying Pay Per View with Video Software

Google has launched a playback feature that enables users to watch video online without using third-party plug-in software from the likes of Microsoft or RealPlayer, stepping up its video search capabilities while taking aim at some huge tech targets. Instead, the new feature in Google Video uses the open-source VLC media player format.

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Why eBay Went Shopping Again

Will eBay's shopping spree never end? For years, the online marketplace has been trotting the globe in search of new selling venues to keep its growth perking. It has bought auction and classified advertising sites from the Netherlands to China, Korea, and India, and housing rental site in the U.S.

See the Full Story: CEO George Garrick on Playing by the Rules

Earlier this week, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down some states' regulations limiting out-of-state shipments of wine. The ruling could help spur some e-commerce sales of wine, at least among individual vineyards, which might gain the right to sell directly to individuals.

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Yahoo Vice President Observes Outlook of Online Ads

For consumers, the Web is just another media experience. The problems start with the marketers. That's the view of Yahoo's senior vice president of international operations, John Marcom. Meanwhile, Marcom explains that there's a lot of thinking going on within Yahoo about merging search with new forms of user-generated content.

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Google CEO Says New Service Won't Compete with PayPal

Google CEO Eric Schmidt yesterday denied recent media and analyst reports that the online search engine leader is gearing up to compete directly with eBay's pioneering PayPal service, although he acknowledged some kind of electronic payment product is in the works. Although he declined to provide any details about the project, Schmidt made it clear it won't trespass on PayPal's turf.

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AOL Launches Public Portal

Today, the walls come tumbling down at America Online, as the nation's leading consumer Internet service starts giving away most of its popular online services free of charge on its Web site. " in the past hasn't been thought of as a place to come for great content for free," said Kerry Parkins, director of product marketing for America Online.

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Yahoo, in Bid for eBay Market Share, Cuts Auction Fees

Aiming to grab a bigger piece of the online auction business, Yahoo has said it will eliminate fees charged for using its auction site, a move that seems directly aimed at sellers who would normally turn to eBay to sell their goods. Yahoo is eliminating both the listing fees -- the up- front charges to put an auction item up for sale -- and the percentage- based fees charged if an item sold.

See the Full Story:

AOL Debuts Free E-Mail as Portal Push Nears

Revving up its marketing engines as it prepares to compete more directly than ever with Yahoo, MSN and Google as a portal open to all, America Online has formally launched its free Web-based e-mail service, known as AIM Mail. AIM Mail offers free unlimited storage to AOL members but also offers 2 GB of storage free to any Internet user of AOL Instant Messaging.

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PayPal Alternatives: "Do You Have A Backup Plan?"

By Merle

Google Earth Flies Free
By Chris Sherman - SearchDay - Google has released its long-anticipated geographic search tool, a new application that combines local search with satellite images and maps from around the globe.

How To Weather Google Algorithm Changes
By Rick Rouse - Search Engine Guide - What allows some websites to weather frequent algo changes and even prosper while others are banished to the nether regions of the SERPS or banned altogether?

This article by Scottie Claiborne is a nice follow up to my Google patent article because Scottie explains how to change your domain name without getting creamed by Google's aging delay. If you have been afraid to start using your new domain name with your old site, this article is a must read!


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The Pay Per Click Mistakes Of A New Marketer

MSN Shopping To Add PriceGrabber Listings
By Shankar Gupta - MediaPost - Comparison shopping site PriceGrabber formed a strategic partnership to add the shopping site's listings and review database onto MSN's shopping vertical site.

Expand Your SEM Campaign with GoogSpy
By Jennifer Laycock - Search Engine Guide - A new tool offered by Velocityscape allows you to do a little bit of competitive research to make certain that your competitors aren't leaving you behind.

Yahoo to the Max
June 22, 2020
- Extreme searcher Ran Hock has published a new book, this time taking an in-depth look at the wide range of tools and services offered by Yahoo


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June/July2005 Yahoo Store Newsletter

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