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Key Maker (Passwords)

Forgetting Passwords Often?

Do you find it difficult to make up passwords that are not easy for others to guess but easy for you to remember?  Faced with this problem many people simply start using the names of friends and relatives as the password.  

Why not a simple solution that allows you to select some thing that you will always remember but convert it into a password that others can't guess?

Convert Phrases to Passwords

Passwords are required all over the web, but it really is a big bother trying to remember each and every password. It certainly is not a good idea using the same password every where.  Key Maker is a small utility that generates secure passwords. It is very simple to use... Just play around with it for a couple of minutes and you are done!

Key Maker (available for Windows and Pocket PC 2002) allows you to convert a phrase into a secret password. You can use it to create and use as many complicated passwords as you like without having to worry about forgetting passwords. The real difference between Key Maker and other password generators is that Key Maker uses a radically different approach.  It doesn't generate random passwords. 

Password Creation

Key Maker requires a key phrase. This can be anything that you will always remember (e.g.: “I always forget passwords”). The password is created from this phrase and will look some thing like ‘ghomqca9’. Even though this password is quite difficult to guess or even remember, you can always get it back by running Key Maker and typing in “I always forget passwords”. 

Additionally you can specify two more parameters. These include an optional ‘Password Description’ and a ‘user name’. Please note that the generated password is dependent on these parameters also. Just experiment with Key Maker for 5 minutes and you will become an expert.

You can also specify the number of characters in the password and also if digits and uppercase letters should be used. A different password is generated for the same key phrase with the digits option turned on.

Password Recovery

At any time you want to get back the password, simply run Key Maker and type in your key phrase and the additional optional information. Key Maker will recreate the password for you. Install Key Maker in your Pocket PC 2002 (different download for Pocket PC 2002) also and you are ready to use it even on the move!

All versions of Key Maker will create the same password for a specific input condition. For example, the passwords generated by v2.1 for a given phrase (and other parameters) will be exactly same as that generated by v2.0 or v1.0. This means that you can continue to download and use future versions of Key Maker without worrying about compatibility.

Managing Different Passwords

You can use Key Maker to create as m any different passwords as required.  A check box option allows you to specify if your entries should be preserved in the different drop down boxes. Please note that keeping the entries in the drop down boxes is not secure if others have access to your computer.  To clear the entries in the drop down boxes, uncheck and check the box for remembering the entries.

Multiple Password Creation for System Administrators

Key Maker supports batch mode password creation.  Are you a system administrator who needs to create/change passwords of all your users often?  It is very difficult assigning passwords to each and and every user and then managing these passwords.  Things become more difficult when some of the users forget their passwords. You will find Key Maker an excellent tool for handling such problems. 

Create a text file containing a list of usernames/logins (one per line). Use the button labeled "Create Multiple Passwords" to open the text file. Key Maker will create passwords for each username and append it with a ':' in between.

You can make the phrase and the optional parameter part of the input file by separating each parameter with a -.

For example, an input file containing 

Hello World-softnik.com-guest
Hello World-microsoft.com-john
Happy New Year-register.com-jane

will create 

Hello World-softnik.com-guest:ez8gif2egf
Hello World-microsoft.com-john:5n7k50mh73
Happy New Year-register.com-jane:szp7kdtcub

In the example above for the third entry

Happy New Year is the phrase, register.com is the optional parameter, jane is the login and the created password is szp7kdtcub

Batch Mode operation is currently not supported in Pocket PC 2002 version of Key Maker.

Requires Windows 95/98/NT/2K/ME/XP/CE3.0.

Click Here To Download KeyMaker

KeyMaker is copyright Softnik Technologies

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Key Maker (Passwords)

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