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Link Partners

In simple terms, link partners are other webmasters (or companies) who exchange links. This is often called reciprocal link exchange.

Link Exchange helps bring more traffic to your website. Link Trading can increase your number of visitors. Here are 3 reasons for exchanging links.
1. People will see your link on the other sites. Hopefully, they will click on your link too!
2. Google and other search engines will list you higher if you have more links pointing to your site. Especially if you link with other sites that are similar to yours. The search engines will view your site as being more "important" then the other guy who does not have as many links pointing to their site. You will show up higher when visitors search for your keywords.
3. Many search engines use what is called spiders. These spiders go through the Internet looking for sites. They will follow links to your site which will help you with being listed as well.

The end result of link partnering is MORE VISITORS.

So how do you go about getting link partners?

One way is by visiting sites that you believe would be beneficial to link with. Search their site to see if they have an easy way to exchange links. If not, email them and ask. The worst they can say is no :)

The second way is by joining a Link Exchange Website. These websites will help you find other link partners. Here are a few Link Exchange Websites to get you started.


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Link Partners

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