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March 2012 Yahoo Store News


Transforming Habits to Work Smarter not Harder

Changes are aheadI have been reading the most fascinating book about habits! This book has changed my life and just about every decision that I make on a daily basis.

The most important lesson I have learned is that most decisions we make on a day-to-day basis are not made by choice. We are simply following the habits we have created for ourselves.

For instance, if you are a smoker and get into the carÖ you immediately light up a cigarette. Did you make the choice of wanting a cigarette right then and there? Did your hand simply reach for those cigarettes just like they do every single time you get in a car out of habit?

In reading this book you learn fascinating tips for creating new and better habits. So letís apply some of these techniques to your own business and help you to increase sales!

The OLD Habit

Most people when they turn on their computer each morning have a routine. Here is mine:

1. Check Email - I am full of energy and open my email. I usually donít respond to anything or anyone. Just reading over and getting an idea of my day. Sometimes I get frustrated because I see something I have to do a second time or maybe something I donít want to do that day.

2. Look at Facebook - Some story of sadness might catch me and I get lost reading. I canít believe I have been looking at Facebook for an hour. Energy is starting to drain.

3. To do list - Write down all the things I have to get done and all of my coaching appointments for the day. Just seeing all the work I have to do is making me even more tired!

4. Start my day

So now that I have done all of this, my brain almost feels a little fried. Iím about ready to go back to bed. My morning has turned into a major downer and it hasnít even started yet!

The NEW Habit

Write Content
1. Write Content - From this day forward, you and I are going to write our content the moment we turn on the computer. We are not going to check email. We are not going to check Facebook or anything else until we write content!

Yes, I am in this with you! Life happens and we lose our way. While planning for the birth, and unfortunately the death of our granddaughter, I have not kept up with our writing like I should have. That ends today.

So every morning as soon as we turn on our computers we will write content for our website. We will write:
  • A new blog post
  • Section page content for our store
  • Rewrite duplicate page content for our items in the store

This may be hard to do at first but, it will get easier.

Think of it this way, when you first start exercising you might only be able to walk for 5  minutes a day for the first week. The next week you start walking 6 minutes a day, the next week 7, and so forth. Writing content works the same way! The more you do, the easier it becomes.

If you need to rewrite product descriptions, then the first thing you will do each day is rewrite 3 product descriptions and each week add-on 2 additional items. You will be surprised at how fast you become!

2.  Learn - Take 15 minutes every day to learn something new that will help your business grow. This can be about your products, how to run your website, search engine optimization, etc.

The goal here is to learn something that will help you to:
  • Gain more customers
  • Gain more traffic
  • Gain higher conversions

3. Get Social - Set a timer and spend 5 - 10 minutes getting social. If you found interesting information during the learning phase that can be shared with your customers, great! Otherwise, ask them a question of the day:

  • What is their favorite radio station?
  • What is their favorite kind of ice cream?
  • Which product of yours do they like the best and why?
  • What are they doing this weekend?
  • What's their favorite thing about spring?

Noticed I used the 80/20 rule? 80% of those questions are fun or educational and 20% push the sale.

4. Emails - Now let's tackle those emails. We are going to use a rule that my grandmother has been using since her 20's... TOUCH IT ONCE!

As soon as you open that email, get it done. Your day will go so much faster and that problem you thought you had... is now just a quick phone call. That long email you thought you had... takes just a few minutes. Your time is valuable and your time is money... get back to what you do best!

To Do Lists5. To Do Lists - Every single day I have a notebook next to my desk that tells me exactly what I need to get done today. I used to write out this list every morning and now realize... I am not using my time wisely!

If I write this list before I leave, I do it much faster because I am anxious to be done with my day. However, if I write out my To Do List in the morning... I notice that it takes me much longer to write.

I also like sitting at my desk, having everything ready, and my To Do List in front of me ready to go.

Bottom Line

The bottom line ... we create new habits to work smarter not harder.

If you need more help working smarter not harder, make sure to check out my new Coaching Program and Lock Program. I am having an absolute ball helping store owners increase traffic, sales, and most of all.... conversions!!


Shawna Seigel

Shawna Seigel
(Formally Shawna Fennell but, I got married on the Fourth of July in 2010!) Click To See Pictures

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March 2012 Yahoo Store News

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