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March 2005 Yahoo Store Newsletter

New Services

You asked for it and we are delivering!

New Service #1 - We are now offering a special SEO pricing plan that gives you (our customer) more control over the outcome of your SEO. Pay for Performance (aka Pay Per Ranking) SEO Plans! This can be used in addition to our site designs as an ongoing service or bought separately. Basically you pay for where you rank on a monthly basis. If your keyword phrase does not show up in the top 30 results, you do not pay a monthly fee. *Please Note* Since this service is in Beta Testing to work out all the kinks, we will be taking a very limited number of clients and will NOT take two clients that sell the same items. Read More

New Service #2 - Website Review and SEO Consultation
This new service is for the do it yourself SEO person that wants full control over their website SEO plan. First we will run a report on your website and find our where you are currently ranked. Next we will review your website and give you information regarding the best way to achieve the SEO results you want to achieve. This will include teaching you the basics of SEO. If you decide to use our services, the price is used towards your down payment for our services. Read More

Click here to see a comparison chart of our packages.
Click here to view a full list of our SEO Services.


Our Yahoo Design Special is still on special. We decided to keep this price for awhile longer to assist our customers. This package includes quite a bit of search engine optimization and results have been fantastic!

See the latest store we just completed!

We have also started offering Custom Logo Design and have special pricing on custom logos. If you need a new logo contact us today! Pricing starts at just $100.00


*NEW* PrePaid Legal Services
I asked Mr. Sunderland (who has been friends with my husband since they were in high school) about his company and the services they offered. I have had request from many Yahoo Store Owners wanting information on Legal Advice and found his prices to be quite reasonable. I asked him to send us some information to give to you.

Pre Paid Legal Services Inc. (NYSE: PPD) offers full telephone consultations with top rated attorneys across the US and Canada on all aspects of the law, phone calls and letters (including collection letters and copyright violation letters), contract and document review, wills for you and your family, motor vehicle services, lawsuit and IRS audit representation, 24 hour emergency consultation (if you're pulled over or arrested for example) and the only Identity theft product that covers all 3 areas of identity theft with full restoration services if you have a problem - all for a flat monthly fee.  Other services, such as divorce and child custody are available at deep discounts. They also offer a full range of small business services including access to top rated consultants.  Coverages vary by state or province and we offer different plans to fit different needs. Plans to cover the whole family plus a small business typically run from $17 to $60 per month, depending on options, and you can cancel at any time.  They also offer an excellent business opportunity for distributors in the US and Canada.  For more information please call Rick Sunderland, Independent Associate toll free at (877) 276-5551 or visit his website at PrePaid Legal Services


*Credit Cards* Still paying too much for Credit Cards? Call eMerchant Discount! They provide Merchant Accounts for many Yahoo Store Owners at excellent rates! 1 Choice 4 YStore customers and newsletter subscribers receive the following rates! Just tell them 1 Choice sent you and they will have you saving money immediately!

Yahoo Store Tip

Since SEO is such an important part of running your store, this has been our focus for the beginning of the year. Last month we discussed how to add keywords to your site. Now let's discuss in more detail how to find those keywords that people really use when searching for your products.

I use several online tools to determine which keyword/keyword phrases are being used to find products. By far the best tool is They track keyword searches for several major search engines and you can get a trial account for 24 hours to do your homework.

You can also try the Overture Search Suggestion Tool but I find this is very biased information. You can find that tool at

You can also use Googles handy tool

I say use them all! It only helps.

Now I am going to take one item and determine how people are finding this item. For this practice I will use SEO. I put in SEO into Google and it tells me that the top search terms for SEO are:

  • seo
  • search engine optimization and seo
  • search engine optimization seo
  • professional seo

I put this term into Overture and get the following results:

46674  seo
 11330  company seo
 9444  seo services
 8475  firm seo
 5730  expert seo
 4989  seo service
 4754  optimization seo
 4090  seo toolbar

Notice this gave me how many searches per month.

I now put this into my Worktracker and get the following results:

seo 3198
seo services 947 
seo company 907 
seo firm 874 

Notice that SEO is a searched for quite a bit. Now I put in SEO into Google and 17 million results come up. Would be difficult to get into the top 10 for that search term. However, the one of the next highest is SEO Services. Only 4,790,000 search results come up.

Why is this important? Because most people do not realize how people are searching for products or services online. We may have thought that people looked for seo services by putting in SEO Companies. But looking at these numbers, we find that is not the case. Now that we know what people are searching for, we can optimize for that keyword/keyword phrase.

Why are we taking working on the keyword that has less searches? Because it also has less competition and we have a better chance of reaching the top. In doing so, we are also helping to optimize our first keyword which is SEO as well.

Now you see the big picture!

So this is what we did. We have built an entirely new page with the search term SEO Services. The meta-tag keyword for this page is only SEO Services and we added some text on this page that states SEO Services. We will run a test over the next few months to see and show you how the process works. Each month we will report on our rankings and what additions we are doing to help give you a better idea.

Now what do you need to do? Do the same thing as us! Go in and put your number one search term into all tools and find the number 2 - 4 keyword phrase that works best. Build a page that specifically has that keyword/keyword phrase as the page name. Click on Override Variables and put Override the Keywords and only put that keyword/keyword phrase into that new area. In the caption field, put a nice 2 paragraph text about this page or product and use the keyword/keyword phrase only twice. Once in each paragraph. You can see our example here As you can see, this is a brand new page for this experiment. That is why it does not have any ranking (yet). We will let you know the rank of this page in next months newsletter! Stay tuned :)




According to Nielsen/Netratings Feb 2005, the top Search Engines amount US At-Home and At-work Internet Users for January 2005 was:

Google Search 47%
Yahoo Search 21%
MSN Search 13%

In The News

In the latest example of how rapidly search marketing is evolving, Google has said it will feature more editorial-style reviews in its Local Search product. The search giant formally launched Google Local today and said it will use its search technology to return more results with Web sites that offer third-party information about businesses
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In a move to boost its small business services, Yahoo today announced the launch of its online Yahoo Small Business Resource Center. The center offers more than 1,000 articles on key business issues, including marketing, legal and human resources. See the Full Story

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Majority of Searchers Use Multiple Search Engines
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Marketers React to Yahoo! AdSense Alternative
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Yahoo seeks to expand in Google territory - Yahoo plans to launch its own advertising option for small publishers, a source familiar with the plan said. Like Google's service, Yahoo's self-serve product will display text ads deemed relevant to the content of specific Web pages. Advertisers pay only when a reader clicks on their ad. Yahoo and publishers will split the fees.

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How To Play In Google's Sandbox
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MSN Shows Off New PPC Ad Platform
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March 2005 Yahoo Store Newsletter

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