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May 2012 Yahoo Store News


Where Can You Find Awesome Long Tail Keywords Your Customers Are Using?

Google Keyword ResearchApril has been a CRAZY month. Three major updates to Google's Algorithm. WOWSERS.

Hopefully you caught our newsletter where we went over the Google Update and what to do if you have been penalized, we also discussed in great detail the Penguin and Panda update on our radio show, and will be continuing the discussion this Monday on Ecom Experts.

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Today I want to bring you Part 2 of using Long Tail Keywords. We learned in Part 1 what Long Tail Keywords are and why they are so profitable. Today we are going to learn where to find those wonderful Long Tail Keywords.

Start with Keyword Research

Head over to your favorite keyword research tool and enter in your broad search term phrase. I will use our keyword from last time (swimsuit) and I will check the box to show me ideas closely related to my search terms. Click Global Monthly Searches twice so we see smallest to largest.

I see some great results!
  • designer swimsuit coverups
  • giraffe print swimsuit
  • swimsuit coverups sale
  • underwire halter swimsuit
  • cute swimsuit coverups
  • sports bra swimsuits
  • padded swimsuit tops
  • swimsuit wraps

And I just got started!

Plus, if I know that our cover ups sell fast because we offer unique ones that customers love, I can conduct research on just swimsuit cover ups. However, I have to pay close attention. I see doing keyword research that many people spell cover up with and without a space in between. So I need to make sure I do research for each variation.


Look Inside Your Yahoo Store

Another awesome place to find great Long Tail Keywords is right inside your Yahoo Store. Go to your store manager and click on References underneath Statistics.

Look at the different URLs bringing in traffic to your website and click details. I chose to look at the traffic from Google. Up at the top of the next page, click See All. Then enjoy the delicious amount of information provided.


Such yummy Long Tail Keywords!! These are people that know what they want to purchase!

Head back to your store manager and this time click on Searches right below References. Make sure to click See All again.



This information tells us what keywords customers are searching for in our own search box. Looking at this information tells me a couple of things:

1. Popular categories that my customers may not be able to find easily.

2. Endless amounts of product searches by manufacturer's number. This tells me that I have to make absolutely sure the number is easy to locate and comes up during their search.

Both of which lead to higher conversions but, we also will get more Long Tail Keywords as well searching through this list.

Ask Google What Keywords People Use

Google will no longer let us view which keywords our customers use to find our website if they are logged into Google. However, everyone else is available by going into Webmaster Tools Dashboard, clicking Your site on the web, and then search queries. Not only will we learn what keywords our customer used but also:

  • How many impressions
  • How many clicks
  • What was the click through rate
  • What is our average position

Find Out What Keywords Your Competitors Use

I personally prefer SpyFU or KeywordSpy. Both do a fantastic job of telling me what the competition is bidding on and what they are missing out on. Remember, the key to learning great Long Tail Keywords is research, research, and of course more research.

I have my Keywords, now what?

Now it's time to go make some money!


  • Use these Long Tail Keywords help you build more relevant pages of content within your website - Google loves that.
  • Use these Long Tail Keywords to rank high in the search engines - It's much easier with Long Tail Keywords than broad search terms. 
  • Use these Long Tail Keywords for higher conversions - These people know what they want! They will convert much easier.
  • Use these Long Tail Keywords for high profits - Higher conversion = Higher sales = Higher profits

I hope you have enjoyed this newsletter and will join me again on Monday at 6:00 PM Eastern on our radio show Ecom Experts. We will be discussing all the changes to Google's algorithm and answering your SEO questions.

Until then, have a wonderful weekend and I will talk to you soon!


Shawna Seigel

Shawna Seigel
(Formally Shawna Fennell but, I got married on the Fourth of July in 2010!) Click To See Pictures

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May 2012 Yahoo Store News

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