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May 2013 Yahoo Store News


Last month we gave you a sneak peek into one of the best add-on services for Yahoo stores that we've ever seen.

It's called Shopper Approved, and it's literally changing the way e-commerce merchants do business online.


Shopper Approved

Shopper Approved is a 3rd party customer rating and review service that does 3 things better than anyone else in the industry...

First - They collect up to 70x more ratings than the competition. Most rating and review services collect feedback from between 0.5% - 2% of their clients customers. Shopper Approved collects over 40%.

Second - They have an Official Content License Agreement with Google, which means that your ratings and reviews get a golden ticket straight into Google Free Search, Google Adwords, Google Shopping, and Google Seller Reviews. You'll have so many 5-Star ratings showing up in Google that your competitors won't know what hit 'em.

Third - They guarantee you'll increase your sales. By combining the additional Google traffic with the Shopper Approved seal on your website, your sales are guaranteed to go up or they will pay you triple your money back.

Plus, unlike other review services, Shopper Approved doesn't bribe your clients with giveaways or magazine subscriptions, because frankly, they crush it without doing any of that.

And their pricing is better, and they have a killer customer resolution system, and their customer support is amazing!


because you're a 1Choice client, we've negotiated a special deal where Shopper Approved has agreed to double their free trial from 30 days to 2 full months so that you can really put their service to the test and actually increase your sales before you ever pay them a penny.

Pretty cool, right? We thought so too. :-)

To get this special offer, click on the link below...



Shawna Seigel

Shawna Seigel
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May 2013 Yahoo Store News

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