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October 2010 Yahoo Store News Part 2


Does the design for your online store really have an impact on where you rank in the search engines?

Buy NowEcommerce starts with a great design. But it doesn't end there.

Website designs must be consistent with your product, brand image, and your customers' wants and needs.

  • Who is your customer?
  • How do they shop?
  • What makes them click the add to cart button and continue the purchase process?
And don't forget the search engines.

A website must provide a positive experience for your customer and the search engines.

Let's look at the experience of a shopper who comes across a site with an ugly design or as Avinash Kaushik explains it best...

"I came, I puked, I left"

For example, I am searching for a red cotton shirt. I go to Google and enter in their search box "red cotton shirt". I get a listing of sponsored links on the top and on the right.

Below the top sponsored links is a listing of the top organic results. The first sponsored link on the right side says "Spring sale" - not sure what that has to do with a red cotton shirt and I am in a hurry so I don't click that one. The second link says "Cotton T-Shirts" - again I don't click. I want a red cotton shirt and I am running out of time so I look at the first link of the organic listings. It says "Red Cotton T Shirt" so I click on it.

FailOh my goodness - the site scares me! The design looks like a porn site, dark colors, flash that gives me an error, and music that automatically plays - I hate that.

That was a bad experience. I quickly hit the back button to go back to the Google search.

So now your site's page has a bounce rate of 100% for that visit.

A bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who came to your page and immediately leave without going to other pages on your site.

If 10 people came to your site's page and only 1 person stays and visits another page on your site, then your bounce rate is 90%. If 10 people come and 5 people stay and browse your site, you now have a 50% bounce rate. You get the idea.

Google has to determine who on the web has the best results for the search.

If Google doesn't provide you with the information you need, you will go to Yahoo! or Bing or another search engine. A page with a 90% bounce rate may not rank as high as a page with a 30% bounce rate. Google doesn't know why your bounce rate is so high - It could be your design, it could be your content, it could be your relevancy.

The search engine just knows people don't like your site compared to another site.

Now let's look at a great website experience after you have redesigned your site. You had a 90% bounce rate last month but something is happening. You update your site every few days and more people are looking at your site. Your average time people spend on your site has increased because your design is very inviting. Your customers love what they see and want to see more, they click and click - maybe they buy, maybe they don't but your bounce rate is decreasing from 90% to 30%.

The search engine loves seeing this trend and wants to reward you.

decision timeThe search engine needs to make a decision

Which page should I list higher - the page with the 90% bounce rate or the page with the 30% bounce rate? This page with the 30% bounce rate will rank higher.

This is a very simple example - search engines use many algorithms that determine your placing on the search engine rankings. Some you can control such as your site's load time and some you can't such as the bounce rate. Google doesn't think you have an ugly site but they know the people who are have found your site are not happy.

Always maximize what you can for the search engines and your customer's experience and change anything that leads to a bad experience such as your design.

So to answer our original question... Can a design affect your search engine rankings?

Yes, a gorgeous custom design for your site, specifically designed for search engines, usability, ease of navigation and conversion optimization will help your search engine rankings.

Have Questions? Want to a new design for your online store? Call toll free right now 888-312-7839.


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Shawna Seigel
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October 2010 Yahoo Store News Part 2

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