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October 2013 Yahoo Store News


Will Googles Newest Updates Affect Your Holiday Sales?

If you haven't heard, Google recently announced a brand new and shiny algorithm called "Hummingbird." The new algorithm affects 90% of all searches queries. That's HUGE!

Earlier this week on our radio show Ecom Experts, we discussed all the latest Hummingbird details and how it affects your business.

We also shared several links that will help you to learn more.

Here is a quick recap of the show:

Q. How is search changing?

You may remember when Bing starting running commercials stating they were "The Answer Search Engine." Apple released Siri and put out commercials of actors having conversations with their phone. Google recently began running a commercial showing a young boy looking for advice on his upcoming speech. Did you notice the boy is asking questions?

Google wants to be your answer to all things.
"You should not be spending your time searching, you should be spending your time living!"

Q. What is Google looking to accomplish with their new algorithm Hummingbird?

In order to be the answer their customers are looking for, they need to understand the intent of the search. For instance, if I am looking for the best pizza... Is my intent to find the best pizza recipes? Best pizza near me? Best pizza anywhere in the world?


Q. What should website owners do differently?

Focus on the intent of the search. When your customers are searching for your products, what is it they want? Reviews, compare pricing, watch a video, learn how to use the product, etc.



Q. What are some of the other aspects of my website should I look at?

I love the article below about Sears. It give you some perspective. Take what you learn in the article and apply it towards your website. Do you look closed? Does your page load fast? Can I find what I am looking for? Are there clear call to actions?


Q. What else should we focus on?

Landing page optimization (**IMPORTANT** Watch the Landing Page Optimization Webinar from last week located below)!!

Cut the bounce rate and raise the conversion. BIG BIG BIG thing - lower those page speeds. It’s all about speed. We will be discussing speed during the next edition of Ecom Experts on Tuesday October 29th.

Q. What was the last Penguin Update about?


Q. What is the future of SEO?

Check out this awesome article - http://searchenginewatch.com/article/2301719/6-Major-Google-Changes-Reveal-the-Future-of-SEO

Q. Why can't I see what keywords my customer used to find my site anymore?

Another Google update. In my opinion, Google wants you to stop thinking about keywords. That's why they replaced the Keyword Tool with Keyword Planner. Instead of focusing on the "words", we need to think more about the intent and how we can provide a high quality result for that intent.


Q. Where I can learn more about the latest Google Updates and Changes?

Whenever I start to wonder if Google is at it again, I visit the following two websites for confirmation:

Q. How can I listen to your Ecom Experts replay discussing the Hummingbird update?

That is probably the easiest question to answer! Just click play below:

As always, if you need help with ANYTHING at all, give us a call toll free right now 888-312-7839.


Shawna Seigel

Shawna Seigel
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October 2013 Yahoo Store News

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