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**NEW** Pay Per Click Training For Beginners - 6 Part Video Series Aimed At Teaching You How To Succeed With PPC Advertising

**NEW** Pay Per Click Training For Beginners Video Series
**NEW** Pay Per Click Training For Beginners Video Series
In this brand new video series, you'll have access to 6 content packed videos that will show you step-by-step how to really get clicks that convert into sales.

Instead of starting at the point where you create your AdWords account and campaign, you're going to learn what is required of you before you jump in.
Video #1: Understanding Quality Clicks Over Quantity
Focusing on clicks that convert is more important than just the concept of getting a high CTR (Click Thru Rate).  The problem most beginners face is they are taught to use a keyword tool and just start adding tons and tons of keywords into the AdWords keyword list and Walla, some magical conversions will happen.  Wrong!  Until you stop shooting at an imaginary bulls eye and entering useless keywords, you will only realize why you are not getting the conversions you want.
Video #2: Test Example And Brainstorming
In this video, we'll take a test product example so you can better understand how we are going with this.  Understanding what you are promoting will allow you to get into the perspective of what people are tying into the 'net.  Of course you'll want to use actual keywords tools to help you with this, but you also want to use your human eye to take out keywords that are just obviously not going to convert.  Lastly you'll see an example of why the landing page is the last determining factor to whether or not the quality traffic converts or not.  It's how you brainstorm ahead of time, how you execute your plan, and where the traffic goes.  Plan ahead and you will not be disappointed.  Jump in w/o planning and you will be confused.
Video #3: Keyword Tools To Help You
There are many keyword tools out there that can really help you speed up your keyword finding to save you time.  In fact there are probably thousands among thousands of tools out there.  Now, it's good to use the ones that are readily available to you first and work your way up as you improve, so it's not about how many tools you have.  You'll learn what tools are available to you that we'll be using to get started.
Video #4: Creating A Google AdWords Account
By now you would have been taught through the other videos what you need to understand before you jump in, you can jump in.  In this video, we'll start showing you how to get your account setup. Google makes it easy to create an account quickly.
Video #5: Creating An AdGroup And Campaign
Let's start creating an actual AdWords Campaign and Ad Group shall we?    You'll learn the basics between certain AdWords features that may increase or even decrease your conversions.  We'll talk about Search vs. Content networks, keyword lists, creating your ads, how to block certain countries due to fraud, and much more.
Video #6: How To Tweak Your Campaign And AdGroup For Maximum Profits!
Once your AdWords Campaigns is ready and traffic is coming in, you still have to tweak it for improvement.  There are several things you can do to improve your click thru ratings, conversions, etc, and we'll talk about that in this video.

So...with that said, if your AdWords PPC Campaigns are just not converting or most importantly, you don't even know where to begin, grab this video series now and bring in instant traffic that actually converts.
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**NEW** Pay Per Click Training For Beginners Video Series

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