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January 2005 Yahoo Store Newsletter

Don't forget to update Copyright on the bottom of your pages for the year 2005!!

Page Rank Updated!!! Looks like the beginning of the new year brought in new Page Rank as well. On January 1st we began seeing Page Rank being updated. Several sites that had lost their PR on the first page yet ranked well within their inner pages saw the return of their Page Rank. It seems that there were several sites having this problem over the last year. Will the new year bring in the fix for this little bug as well or will we continue to see more flaws?


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Yahoo Tip

As we bring in the new year, our focus will be Search Engine Optimization. This is an extremely important aspect of running an online business. If you are spending tons of money for PPC advertising then you need to consider alternatives. Why keep paying to be in the top 10 when you can do it naturally? For this issue we will focus on Keywords. If you still do not know how to add keywords to your pages, then read here for a step by step guide.

One of the biggest mistakes that we see when redesigning a site is the lack of focus when customers are adding keywords. The keywords that you use MUST pertain to the page that the keywords are located on. We will be using our site in this example to show you how to focus in on the keywords.

First let's go to the homepage. Typically in a Standard Yahoo Store this page will use the keywords used when you click on Variables. We often see this filled with keywords. Customers often try to put everything they own in their store here. Let's try another way! Put 5 keywords here without using the same word more then 3 times. Put more of your general terms here.

Now let's get specific!! Go to your first section. Our first section is the Yahoo Design Special. Now Override your keywords variable for this page and put up to 5 keywords here *again do not use the same word more then 3 times*. Focus in on this page and really consider the top 5 search terms that people would use to find these items. Do your research!! Be specific! This page of ours has to do with redesigning your Yahoo Store. So our keywords are yahoo store design, yahoo store designer, rtml enhancements

Notice that they are very specific to the page. Relevancy matters! Continue doing this to each section of your site. Click on publish. Now go locate where you are listed for each of the keywords that you have added and check your rankings again after 1 week in Google. Keep checking each week till you see movement. If your ranking moves down, look again at the your page and find out why. Yahoo and MSN are a little slower to update so check after a few weeks. Keep notes of everything that you do.

New Tools, New Search Engines, and A New Look

~Check this out first! This tool is GREAT! Textlinkbrokers has a cool new tool that when you enter a keyword this tool will do the following:

  1. Performs a Google search for up to the top 20 sites ranking for that keyword.
  2. Crawls their backlinks and lists them by Pagerank, while eliminating duplicates and sites under the specified PR threshold.
  3. Sends you an email containing:
    • a list of all the backlinks that were found multiple times in the search - these are considered 'themed backlinks'
    • an html and/or .csv list, with PageRank, for importing into Arelis or other software.

~Google's new desktop search will search for files on your computer just as simply as you search on It will find files located in Outlook, AOL, Internet Explorer, Text, Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. You can download a copy of the program at 

~Ask Jeeves has launched a beta desktop search application, capping off a very busy year in the desktop search space.

~Yahoo! Enters Desktop Search Realm - Yahoo!'s new desktop search will be available for beta testing some time in January and will allow users to search their own hard drives for MP3 files, e-mails, PDFs and a variety of other file formats. Read More

 ~Yahoo!'s latest maneuver against Google and Microsoft in the fight to become the gateway of search and Web access on as many desktops as possible. Stepping up the battle of online search and services, Yahoo! and Adobe Systems have joined to tap each others' customers and put Web search features into Adobe's popular Acrobat Reader software. Read More

~ Adword Tracker will track your keywords and others in your market segment and give you a 'competitive' analysis for your keyword campaign.

~After months of speculation and two "preview" releases, Microsoft unwraps its new MSN search engine, the first major competitor to join Web search major leagues in nearly a year.

The new engine, available at is an algorithmic search engine Microsoft engineers built from scratch. "This is our new engine that we've built from the ground up," said Justin Osmer, product manager for MSN Search. Released in beta form, it's expected to replace Yahoo search results still used at MSN sometime later this year or early in 2005. Read More

~Bill Gross the creator of Overture has brought back the SNAP name with a new search engine.


Interesting Articles

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Help, my site has been banned by Google! - By all means panic. Then draw your breath and read our Banned by Google Survival Guide and learn how to get your pages back in. And yes, the tutorial works for the other search engines as well.

Internet and E-Business Trends in 2004 - What shaped the Internet and e-business landscape in 2004? eMarketer brings you the top ten Internet and e-business trends for the year.

Shopping Search Update. If you have wondered which shopping search engines that you should be in then we HIGHLY recommend reading these articles. Great information! Yahoo is still showing as the most used shopping search engine. Thankfully with Yahoo Stores you can easily update your products in Yahoo Shopping. If you need help updating products in other shopping search engines, check out Don Cole's Feeder Service. Excellent pricing and service!

Shopping Search Update 2004, Part 1

Shopping Search Update 2004, Part 2

In The News

As security holes continue to multiply in Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser, consumers and enterprise users alike are paying more attention to alternative browsers. After all, Microsoft hasn't upgraded its starship software package since before the release of Windows XP. Numerous alternative browsers are now available to give Microsoft a run for the money. See the Full Story

In a crushing blow to Microsoft's bid to establish its Passport service as a standard for access across the Web, auction giant eBay has said it will drop support for the service, as well as a second Microsoft-built service that provides updates and alerts through the .NET platform. EBay announced the change on its user message board yesterday and said it will take place in "late January." See the Full Story

IT directors are not being sufficiently vigilant about online processes, according to the organization responsible for coordinating Internet
addresses. And they are inadvertently putting the reputation of their business on the line by not ensuring timely registration of domain
names. See the Full Story

Google Magazine Search? - If Google could pull off what it outlines in that broad patent application, it may open new revenue streams to publishers of print, CD and DVD media, while broadening its own revenue base.

Lycos, AOL Report Most-Searched Terms of 2004 -In what is becoming an annual cultural barometer of top-of-mind topics on the Internet, Lycos and America Online released their top-searched terms for the year of 2004, with Janet Jackson, the war on terrorism, and the presidential elections taking some of the lead positions in their respective categories.

Yahoo! Campaigns for Mobile Marketing - As Yahoo! works to expand usership and distribution of its mobile content, the portal is also courting advertisers. So far, the company has run three campaigns on its WAP portal over the last several months, in an effort to promote its sponsors and its data services.

Google Trademark Issues Remain Unresolved - Despite a key win in court yesterday against auto insurance giant GEICO, Google's trademark-related legal battles are not yet over, and individual advertisers can still be held accountable for trademark violations in search engine ads.

Froogle turns to Web for product reviews - In the weeks before Christmas, Google has quietly added third-party product reviews to its comparison shopping engine, Froogle.

Yahoo maps offer live U.S. traffic conditions -The dynamic maps draw on real-time traffic information from cities and private sources, including traffic helicopters.

Google Has A New One for the Labs -- Google Suggest - Google Suggest looks like the regular Google search, except as you type in keywords Google -- surprise! -- tries to guess what you could be typing. The really nifty thing is that it includes search counts with these suggestions.

Google gets gruff over click fraud - Search giant files suit claiming Net operation fraudulently clicked on text ads for profits, one of the first such civil cases.

MSN Search Now Taking Submissions - Continuing on its new path of openness and transparency, the MSN Search blog last night posted some hints on how a site can be listed in MSN Search's index, along with links to a new help page for site owners.

AOL Guns for Comeback in '05 - The company is struggling to catch up with Yahoo! and MSN. Both were quicker to recover from the dot-com crash and have generally been viewed as more attractive to advertisers.

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January 2005 Yahoo Store Newsletter

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