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SEO you shouldn't be doing by Chris Gilmour

SEO mistakes will affect your rankings. Many people have a website and forget about SEO. They think that search engines will magically pick up their site and be ranked well. However, this is most often not the case as you need to employ SEO to help the search engines pick up webpage. By using SEO techniques, including SEO Software, your website will rank well and by picked up and noticed by the search engines when they are returning searches.

Search engines love good SEO on pages as it makes their job a lot easier. Apart from sites not being SEO friendly, common SEO mistakes include having low keyword density, not having keywords in the page title and description, etc. However, all of your SEO has to adhere to certain search engine rules. If not, not only will your SEO work be of no use but your site will more than likely be unlisted.

Here are some bad SEO practices, often referred to as Black Hat SEO, which you must not do:

Keyword Stuffing - This happens when you put your keywords in your content too many times. The extreme is just having a page full of keywords and no content.

Hiding keywords - this is when the font color of the texts is the same as the webpage. Invisible to the eye but visible to the search engines.

Link Farms - these are just webpages full of links and nothing else.

Too many links - sounds silly but your off page SEO such as link building should be gradual and over time. Search engines get suspicious if one day you have 1000 inbound links suddenly pointing to your page.

By ensuring that your SEO is correct and remembering not to do the above will ensure that your webpage remains listed. In addition, too many people only do SEO work on their home page. You should aim to ensure that all pages on your site are SEO friendly. Remember, SEO is not a search engine obstacle but rather the helping of the search engine to promote your website.

About the Author

Chris uses SEO Software to assist with his work from home business concept promoted by The Rich Pom.

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SEO you shouldn't be doing by Chris Gilmour

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