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September 2009 Yahoo Store News


Does your Yahoo Store coding need help?

I am going to make this as simple as possible. Has it been over a year since your RTML coding has been worked on?

If the answer is yes, then our answer is yes.

When you have work done on your store, most developers will use the latest and greatest coding to ensure:
  1. Your coding is as clean as possible

  2. Your website loads as quickly as possible

Why are these two things important?

First, if you coding is clean... your website will download faster for your customer. If your coding is clean, the search engines will rank your site higher. It doesn't have to go through as much junk to get through your content.

Second, if your website loads faster... you get better search engine rankings. More importantly, you get higher conversion rates.

Check out this recent article entitled, "Proof that speeding up websites improves online business." Great article and lot's of information!

In a nutshell, sites that loaded faster improved conversion rates, order averages, time user spent on website, and a whole lot more.

So how do you get your site to load faster?

You have to make sure that your website is running with the latest and greatest coding. A year ago it was common practice to build a website using nested tables. However, we can build faster websites by using the latest CSS instead.

The end result:
  • Faster, cleaner, and happier websites.
  • Better search engine rankings
  • Higher conversion rates

How long has it been since your store has been updated?

Before I close this months newsletter, I want to share some exciting news!

Starting in October, our radio show will be moving to Webmaster Radio and will be called Ecom Experts! I will keep you updated  as we get closer to our first air date.

In the meantime, make sure to check out some
interviews I did at AdTech Chicago. AWESOME content that you will want to check out!


Shawna Fennell

Do you Twitter? Follow 1 Choice for headlines only. If you want to get our blog postings and want to get personal with me, follow ShawnaFennell.


Need help? Give us a call at 888-312-7839 and schedule an appointment to have a website review. It costs you NOTHING, but your time and will increase your conversion rates!

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Are you ready to learn how easy it is to open a new Yahoo Store? for business in just 5 easy steps? Within an hour we will go through each step and open our new Yahoo Store for business!
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Featured Video Tutorial

We held an online event UNLIKE any other. 21 Webinars in 1 weekend. Check out this video showing you how Universal Search is changing the SEO game. You can't just focus on being ranked number 1 for your website. You need to also focus on images, videos, and news content. Learn more by visiting the New Life Event website and watching the entire webinar rebroadcast.

Major changes to Google Product Search now require all Yahoo Store owners to enable the condition field in Catalog Manager in order for their products to be found.

We have created a simple and easy to use tutorial to get you back on track and back in Google Product Search.

New Life Event

New Life Event

I am so excited to tell you about our New Life Event!

We held 21 webinars in ONE weekend aimed at helping you to:

  • Increase your rankings
  • Increase the amount of  traffic coming to your site
  • Increase your conversion rates
  • Increase sales
  • Increase the size of your mailing list
  • And much much more!

The event was completely FREE and you can watch the rebroadcasts of the webinars by going to www.newlifeevent.com

Recent Blog Tips

Make sure you are subscribed to our blog! Over the next few weeks we are going to expand on each aspect we discussed above in more detail. We have lots of choices to keep up with our blog. You can subscribe to our RSS feed or get email updates. If you use Twitter, you can get to know me and get updates on new blog posts too.

Recently Interviewed

1 Choice 4 Your Store is proud and honored to host the first and only radio show for Yahoo Store owners. We are currently on hiatus while we transfer our show over to Webmaster Radio. We should be back on the air in the middle of October!

If you have missed any of our shows, you can click on the links below (Our Top Listened to shows are listed with RED Stars):

  • ****Episode 22 - Stupid Yahoo Web Analytics Tricks - Rob Snell ****
    Rob Snell, author of Starting a Yahoo! Business For Dummies, stopped by Power Hour for an extended visit. Rob recently returned from PubCon with loads of information for you. Yahoo! Web Analytics has been released and Rob explains how the power of this software can help you gain valuable information with one click of a button.

    Analytics is an important part of your Yahoo! Small Business success. Rob explains why this information will help your conversion rates.

    Did you know that 98 percent of viewers on your Web site are not purchasing from your site? Rob explains why you need to know which channels are the best to drive traffic into sales on your site. Rob uses real Yahoo Analytics numbers to explain the importance of utilizing this new tool. Education is powerful and this data will allow you to educate yourself and help your Yahoo! Store.

    Analytics and trends go hand in hand. Rob tells you which trends are what you need to be looking at with your analytics data. Rob set up a special Web page for Power Hour listeners that is packed with information on Yahoo! Web Analytics. Listen to this show to access this unbelievable free educational information

  • Episode 21 - Online Marketing to Drive Sales and PCI Compliance
    Eric Weckert, owner of Drive Marketing Group and former Yahoo Sales Manager in their online advertising solutions department joined us this week to share the hottest marketing tips for the holidays. What is search marketing? How much should you spend? How is price determined? All your questions answered and much more! Plus, Eric is offering all listeners free analysis of their current online marketing accounts and/or develop recommendations if they are not. He is also offering 3 free months of account management to anyone that signs up for the offer. www.drivemg.com
    Our friend Ron Pereira, from Top Right, gave us some fantastic e-mail marketing advice. Can you still get started with e-mail marketing in time for the holiday season? Ron tells you how to get started on e-mail marketing with the basic steps. If you are an experienced e-mail marketer, listen to Ron's great technique he tells us about on the show. TopRight. Plus, Bill Dumont, from Emerchant Discount, spoke with us about the new PCI Compliance rules and how to protect your customers information this holiday season. Emerchant Discount

  • Episode 20 - Reducing Overhead & Recession Busting Tips
    America's current economic status has dented the majority of industries big and small. Many companies are reducing their overhead to deflect the current economic downfall. Jay Blazensky, of RingCentral, stopped by to speak with us about how RingCentral can help you cut costs, yet keep, if not increase, productivity. RingCentral recently conducted a survey and found that an amazing 75 percent of respondents have been negatively effected by the economy. Let Jay tell you how RingCentral can help. www.ringcentral.com

    Cathy Siciliano, Senior Director of Marketing at Elance.com dropped by the show to share some recession-busting tips for small businesses. Cathy also told us about how online freelancers can help you maintain or boost your sales on this exciting edition of Power Hour. Elance

  • Episode 19 - Increase Retention w/Video and Making Affiliate Programs Work
    Dave Toole, from Media Mobz, stopped by the show to talk about the importance of video in reaching out to your customers. Video is able to increase retention levels by over 300 percent. Dave spoke to us about ways to market and promote with the use of video. Did you know that video is an important part of Search Engine Optimization? It is and we tell you why. www.mediamobz.com

    J.P. Diaz, of Superior Affiliate Management, broke down exactly what affiliate marketing is and how it can is important to your business. Your small niche products can be a perfect fit for affiliate networks. Do you want to become an affiliate? J.P. will tell you how on this exciting new edition of Power Hour. Affiliate Marketing Part 2 E-Book

  • ****Episode 18 - Automate Your Yahoo Store, Neuroeconomics, & 3 R's of Merchant Accounts****
    Mailware is a backoffice system for mail order companies. Bruce Kowkabany, from Mailware, stopped by the show to talk about the services the company offers and Bruce talked about how Mailware has specific features built in for the Yahoo Store. Mailware is a backoffice system for mail order companies. It can take the order from creation to completion and then follow up with reports (ad tracking, RFM, profitability) and back end solicitations (emails, mailings etc.). Learn more about this great program for Yahoo Store owners by listening now! www.mailware.com

    Why are colors important to your Web site? Neuroeconomics would be the answer. Rene Barnett stopped by the show to tell us how Neuroeconomics works with your Yahoo Store and how you can increase sales by paying attention to how the brain works. Plus our friend Bill Dumont, from E-Merchant Discount, told us about the 3 Rʼs when selecting a merchant account provider. www.emerchantdiscount.com

  • ****Episode 17 - Comparison Shopping and Wholesale Tips****
    Dan Clarke, former CEO of VCommerce and present CEO of Specialty Retail Shop, stopped by the show to talk about how multiple checkout pages can hurt your online business. Did you know that online retails sales will increase 14.3 percent this year? Dan told us how smaller retail sites have a unique opportunity to market their sites and explained how comparison-shopping might be an ideal way to drive revenue. partners.winbuyer.com

    Colette Marshall, Marketing Director at Worldwide Brands, ended the October 13 show with some great wholesale tips that are definitely worth the listen. Learn why it is important to develop a strong relationship with your suppliers for lasting success! www.worldwidebrands.com

  • Episode 15 - Overcoming Cart Abandonment & Social Networking
    In a recent survey conducted by Harris Interactive and Elance.com, 70% of the people surveyed said that hiring a virtual assistant would give them more time and reduce stress in their lives. Store owners could certainly use a lot less stress and more time for yourself,Are you losing too many sales from cart abandonment? www.upsellit.com

    Everyday we hear more and more about social networking. How much do you understand about the new tools available that can help you increase your sales and get to know your customers? Michael Vorel discusses social networking tools such as Twitter, Facebook, Friendfeed, and more PLUS show you how you can use social networking to build your brand. One more bit of great news, all these tools are FREE! www.vastplanet.com

    ****Episode 9 - Keyword Research - The life blood of SEO***
    Ken McGafin explains why keywords are so important for Yahoo Store Owner to understand. Although you may know how customers are finding you, you may be surprised to find out they are finding your products many different ways. Are you optimizing your website for all the different keyword phrases your customers are using? If not, you are losing sales. Click below to use Wordtracker's free keyword research tool.
    Wordtracker Free Keyword Research Tool

    Ken also discusses the many opportunities that keyword research presents. By understanding lateral keywords and long tail keywords, you can increase your sales and increase your rankings. By creating keyword specific content pages, you are getting a ROI that lasts a lifetime and will continue to bring you additional income if done correctly. Click below to visit the Wordtracker Academy and learn more.
    Wordtracker Academy
  • ***Episode 6 - Product Sourcing w/ Worldwide Brands***
    Worldwide Brands provides excellent information about the importance of having the right products for your business and how to find those products as well. Collette also shares information about the phenomenal new video series that Worldwide Brands has just released on Beating the Recession which can be found at: http://blog.worldwidebrands.com/

    PLUS Worldwide Brands is offering up great tools and amazing discounts! Make sure to check out their blog for more details. You will not be disappointed!

    I was honored to be a part of the video series that is guaranteed to help many new and old store owners.
  • ***Episode 5 - Increasing Conversion Rates w/ Rob Snell***
    Rob Snell, author of Yahoo Business for Dummies, provides real life tips and information on increasing conversion rats for Yahoo Store. Tips include how to find your conversion rate, how to track your conversion rates, and using the new Checkout Manager. Rob discusses how to increase conversion rates by building confidence, providing contact information, and trust symbols. Rob Snell gives away a free copy of Chapter 21 of his book which discusses in more detail how to increase your conversion rates. Send an email to info@powerhourradioshow.com to get your copy today!

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September 2009 Yahoo Store News

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