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September 2010 Yahoo Store News Part 2


50 Quick and Easy Tips For Converting More Sales This Holiday Season

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday only 7 weeks away, we wanted to give you 50 quick tips that you can start implementing today to increase sales this holiday season.

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 Without further ado, I offer to you.... 50 Quick and Easy Tips For Converting More Sales This Holiday Season


1. Coupons

Yes, it's that time of the year and everyone is looking for coupons! Make sure you create a special coupon page using keywords your customers are using. Link up this coupon page to your checkout pages for those customers looking for a last minute deal instead or have them quickly sign up for your newsletter and instantly receive a coupon in their mailbox. Selling specifically to men? A recent article found that more men are using online coupons.

2. Gifts For – Her, Him, Them, etc.

Make it easy for your customers to find exactly the right gift for the person they are shopping for. Create special categories filled with gifts for him, her, them, little ones, and teenagers too.

3. Gifts By Price

In this economy, everyone is on a budget. Many shoppers will be looking for gifts in a certain price range. Make sure they find those items fast!

4. Gift Cards

Not everyone knows exactly what to get their favorite family member but they your store! Sell them a gift card instead and make it super easy for them to give the right gift to the right person.

5. Cross Sells

Make sure you have your cross sells set up properly. While showing them Item A we also want to sell them Item B and C as well.

6. Free Shipping - Titles

Offer free shipping? Make sure to flaunt it in your meta tags and product descriptions. This way when customers are using keywords to find your products, your page will stand out from the competitors.

Free Shipping in Title

7. Navigation by Revenue

Many store owners ask, "How should I list my categories in the left navigation bar?" That's easy! By Revenue! Place the categories that sell closer to the top of the page so customers can find those categories faster.

8. Search Bar

Make sure you search bar is easy to find and easy to use. Customers coming to your website don't have time to "shop around." Let them find what they are looking for quick and easy.


9. Answer Questions

Take a look at your product descriptions. Do they answer your customer's questions? Do you get phone calls about specific products? Add those questions and answers to those products. Not only will it provide great content for your website but, it will also help convert those customers who are too lazy to pick up the phone and call you. Remember to also use keywords your customers are using to find your products. Great article shows you the 4 biggest keyword research mistakes.

10. Video

Use video to demonstrate your products and show how great they really are. You don't have to invest a fortune in a good camera. A simple HD Flip Camera for $150 or less will do the job. Remember, its quality of content that matters most.

11. Product Availability

Is this item in stock? Make sure your customers know without having to ask or think about.


12. Rotating Banner on Your Home Page

Use a rotating banner on your home page to grab your customer's attention, alert them to special deals and steals, and convert more sales.

Rotating Banner

13. About Us Information

Don't be afraid to show your customers WHO YOU ARE. Take a picture and put it on your website. Tell them how you got started and why you love doing what you do. Remember, people want to purchase from other people that they LIKE, KNOW, and TRUST!

14. Privacy Policy

When was the last time you updated this page? Do you let your customers know how you protect their information? What do you do with their credit card information? How do you make sure they are safe? Give your customers a warm and fuzzy feeling all over.

15. Return Policy

You would be amazed at the amount of websites that do NOT have a return policy. Take a look at Zappos and how they handled returns. Buy it all and return anything at all that you don't want. Now that gives a customer every reason to purchase from you and makes them feel nice and secure too.

16. Guarantee

If I purchase something from Best Buy or WalMart down the street, I know that they will guarantee the product will work. Do you do the same? Don't be afraid of customers who take advantage of your guarantee. Be more afraid of the customers who leave your website because you don't make them feel comfortable with their purchase.


17. Additional Informational Pages

Don't be afraid of creating additional informational pages that help your customer find the answers they are looking for. Make your website nice, neat, and user friendly too. The goal is to give your customers a nice warm and fuzzy feeling so that they give you their credit card information.

18. Toll Free Number

Invest $10 a month for a toll free number and instantly increase your creditability (and conversion rates too)

19. Live Chat

Customers are going to have questions as they browse through your website, the live chat icon allows them a quick and easy way for them to ask for questions. Think about the last time you were in a store and had a quick question. If only you could find a salesperson....

20. Email Address

Do NOT use a Gmail address. Let me repeat. Do NOT use a Gmail address. Use info@yoururl.com or sales@yoururl.com You can then use your Gmail to send and receive email but, it looks more professional on your website.

21. Contact Information – Name, Phone Number, Address, Email

Sometimes customers just want to know you are a real business. Give them a real name of someone they can contact, a phone number, address, and email. If you work out of your house, go to your local UPS store and purchase a mailing address from them to use on your website.

Contact Us

22. Shipping Page

Make sure you create a specific shipping page that contains all information about shipping your product. How soon does your product ship out? How long does shipping take? How do you ship your products? Where do you offer shipping?

23. Tracking Information

Customers want to know that their item is on the way. Make sure to update their tracking information ASAP. Let your customers know on your website how often they will be updated and how they will receive the updates.

24. Offer Free Shipping

Most shoppers online are getting to the point where they refuse to pay for shipping. Offer free shipping after they purchase a certain amount. Not only will this help you increase your average order value but, it will also help you to convert more customers!

25. International Shipping

Yes, fraud happens more with international shipments but, there are many tools available to help you fight fraud. So, now you have to look and see... Are your customers international? Are you giving up sales by not offering international shipping? Do some keyword research on Google and you may be surprised. For instance, a little bit of keyword research on dog collars and I learned that the United Kingdom is HOT! Are you marketing to them? Are you shipping to them?

International Shipping

*Hot Tip* While you are there, click on the region United States and you can learn what are the hottest states to sell Leather Dog Collars too. Who knew they were so popular in Texas, New Jersey, and Illinois? Are you marketing these areas specifically?


26. Military Shipping

With so many family members in the military, does your store offer shipping to APO/FPO addresses? Not many stores do and this could be one way to stand out in the crowd.

27. Faster Shipping

Instead of offering only Ground, make sure you also offer Overnight Shipping as well. Last minute shoppers are out there looking for stores to help them get the right present to the right person at the right time.

28. Shipping Deadlines

Clearly state all shipping deadlines on your website for your customers. Make sure they understand that if they want their item to arrive in time for Christmas, they must purchase by this date and ship Ground. Or they can purchase on this date and upgrade their shipping.

29. Shopping Cart Trust

Add trust seals to your shopping cart to instill trust. Security badges, shopping with confidence, guarantee signs, etc are great way to let them know they can trust you. Just don't overdo it and make them think the opposite.

30. Custom Cart Buttons

Still using a boring grey add to button? SPRUCE IT UP! Match your website, make it stand out, and for goodness sakes....test test test. Try out this download with 200 different add to cart buttons.

Add To Cart

31. Custom Checkout Buttons

You have spruced up the add to cart button, now make sure your checkout matches by creating custom checkout buttons as well. It's a quick, simple, and easy way to increase conversions.

32. Make buttons bigger

You know the phone call. Your customer calls asking a question even though the website says RIGHT THERE what the answer is. That is because your customers aren't reading. They are scanning. So make sure to put all your call to action buttons nice and big so they do not have to search for them! 

33. Registration

Using registration on your website during the checkout process is a wonderful way to increase sales, especially when you have a lot of repeat business. However, there are a few simple rules to keep in mind. NEVER require them to log in. NEVER require them to have an account with you. ALWAYS make it easy for them to find the quickest and easiest way to check out.

Register as Guest

34. Decode CVV

What the heck is a CVV? We know what it is. We work with them every single day but, your average every single day shopper needs a reminder.

35. Sales Tax

Do you charge sales tax? If so, how much? To whom? Do you tell your customers that you don't charge sales tax? Test it out and see if it increases your sales. See how this website gives their customers all the reasons why they should shop with them? Why should your customers choose you over the competition?

Why Choose You?

36. Gift Options

Do you offer gift wrapping? Make sure to let your customers know if you will include a gift message, gift wrapping, and how much you charge for it.

37. Shopping Search Engines

Make sure your feeds are ready to go and your products are in the shopping search engines, including Google Shopping. This way when customers are looking for a deal, they find your website. When customers are searching for keyword phrases, they find your website. When customers need your products, they find you!

38. One Day Only Sales

Offer one day only sales to increase traffic to your website and sales.

39. Thank you letters

A small hand written letter saying, "Thank you for your order John!" can go a long way and give you more repeat business.

40. Newsletter - Email Marketing

Not everyone coming to your website is going to purchase from you. The average conversion rate is somewhere between 1.5% - 3%, depending on who you ask. This means that for every 100 people who visit your website, only 1 - 3 are going to purchase. That means that 97-99 are not. That means that 97 - 99 people out of 100 are gone forever....UNLESS you can get them to sign up for your email marketing list. Offer coupons, offer gifts, offer contest, or whatever else to get them on your list so that you can market to them over and over again.


41. Blog

Your blog is the home base for all of your social networking. When you Tweet and send a link to a video, you don't send them to YouTube. You put them video on your blog and send them to your blog. When you tell your friends about a great picture on Facebook, you put it on your blog and send them there. Use your blog as the home base of all you do and let your customers get to know, like, and trust you. Excellent article explains the signs that blogging is not only alive but, more critical than ever.

42. Facebook

There are over 500 million active users on Facebook. If your business isn't on there, why not? Facebook is a great way to connect with your customers, let them know about new products coming out, give them the inside scoop on sales, and allow you to grab those sales before your competition!

43. Twitter

As of February of 2010, there are more than 50 million tweets sent out per day. Use Twitter to connect with your customers. The rule of thumb is to follow your customers to where they hang out. If they start hanging out at joeschmoe.com, then you need to as well.  

44. YouTube

YouTube is the second largest search engine. Post videos on YouTube showing product demonstrations, giving product reviews, answering questions, and allowing your customers to find the information they need from you instead of your competition. As an extra bonus, your videos may get picked up in the universal search rankings as well.

45. Copyright

When was the last time you updated your copyright date? I was just on a site about to order last week and noticed the copyright date. I left the site immediately and they lost the sale. Check this NOW. Would you order from these websites?

Copyright Dates

46. Dated products

This website sold me in a magazine. I went to the website to purchase but, got scared off after seeing several products "outdated" like the one below.


47. Top 10 Landing Pages

One quick trip to Google Analytics and you can learn what your Top 10 Landing Pages are. Now take a look at your pages and see how you can make those pages absolutely perfect converting pages as well!

48. Top 10 Exit Pages

Same place just one down, what are your Top 10 Exit Pages and why? Fix those first.

Top 10 Exit and Landing Pages

49. Boost your website download speed

Website performance affects everything. Most of your shoppers will give you two seconds before they are OUT OF THERE. Optimize the design, programming, and flow of your website so that everything downloads nice and smoothly. Work with a developer that knows and understands RTML, CSS, and importance of bringing it all together to bring you higher conversions and rankings. Read this article explaining how Google is Really Taking Speed Seriously.

50. Updated Design

When was the last time you gave your website an updated look? Sometimes small changes can have a big effect. Don't let your customers think you have long forgotten about your website. Give it a fresh new look for holidays.

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September 2010 Yahoo Store News Part 2

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