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Stop Paying Per Click

Tired of paying for each and every click that comes into your website? We understand how costly this can be come. So how do you get traffic?

There are several ways to bring in more traffic. Click on the links below for more information.

Search Engine Optimization - Make sure that your site is fully optimized to bring in the maximum amount of traffic. Our software store was paying $2.00 a click for Server Software. We put into effect major search engine optimization and within 3 months became listed number 2 in Google. The number 1 spot is the manufacturer! Make absolutely sure that whoever you use to design your Yahoo Store knows how the Yahoo Stores work. The standard Yahoo Store templates include many "glitches" that will greatly effect your rankings. This includes Item Names not in text, too many linebreaks in the pages, keywords not being used consistently on each page, a no search comment added to the Index, and more. With a little tweaking of the RTML templates however, these problems can be resolved.

Reciprocal Links - Many websites now determine how "important" you are by looking at the number of links coming into your website

Writing Articles - Write articles that include your website information. If you have a website related to software, write articles on how to buy software, what new software has come out, reviews on software, or just about anything you can come up with in regards to software.

Visiting Forums - Visit forums that discuss items that you carry. Answer questions and include your signature with every post. Make sure your signature has a link to your website!

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Our owners have seen their website traffic at least DOUBLED or TRIPLED!

More traffic = More Sales!

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Stop Paying Per Click

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