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Super Squeeze Page Pack

Super Squeeze Page Pack
Super Squeeze Page Pack
Struggling with low converting squeeze pages?

“Skyrocket Your Opt-In Rates
Have a Proven and Complete
Opt-In Process Set Up
In 10 Minutes..."

(No tech skills required, newbie friendly)

I'm sure you've heard this before, "the money is in the list". All the internet marketers say this over and over again, and it's true. Money IS in the list, and one of the best ways to build a list is by using "squeeze pages"...

... which in case you don't know are basically simple and short pages with a free offer for a person to opt-in to a list to get a free gift, in return for their name and email. The only action a person can take on a squeeze page is to submit their email to get the free gift, or leave the site. And if you set these pages are properly, and drive targeted traffic to them, they can build you a big list fast.

Squeeze pages are great, but many people have problems with either poor opt-in rates on their squeeze pages, or with actually setting up a squeeze page and the "tech work" behind it. Most people are not designers, are not tech wizards, and just don't like doing all these little things. But I'm sure everyone would love to have high opt-in rates and big lists.

With all this in mind, I wanted to create a package to help people out with squeeze page creation. There was an emphasis on 2 things in my product:

1. To help you create a high converting squeeze page, based on proven techniques that turn visitors into opt-ins, and so to increase your opt-in conversion rates, and build you bigger lists faster.


2. And to not only teach you theory, but to give you the tools and templates to make it super easy and fast to put these pages up, and have the whole opt-in process up and running asap.

And that's what I've come up with in this brand new product called...

Super Squeeze Page Pack

The Super Squeeze Page Pack is a package of fully formatted templates, and all kinds of extras like graphics elements, to help you create and set up high converting squeeze pages, fast.

What makes this different from other similar products?

There is no shortage of other opt-in packs and products and templates out there. The problem with most of them is that they're not created to actually increase the opt-ins. Just like most other template packages for anything else out there, they're generic and don't help to convert, but actually hurt conversions in most cases.

My templates are based on proven methods that help conversions. They're simple and professional, with an emphasis on sales copy (because sales copy is actually what converts). So my templates are not graphics rich, and the design is there to just put things together nicely, and compliment the sales copy, and also to guide the visitor to the opt-in form.

My templates also come with a "above the fold" opt-in form design ("above the fold" means your visitor doesn't have to scroll down the page to see the opt-in form, and this increases conversions.)

My templates are also very easy to use, with no tech skills required, and are "copy and paste" simple. They come with all the text and simple graphics elements already formatted nicely for you in a proven to convert style. So you just copy and paste your own details into the templates, add your own opt-in for (which you also copy and paste from your autorepsonder), and you have a nice squeeze page.

My templates are also highly customizable and leave you room to add your own touches to them. You can modify all the text, you can add your own images and graphics, you can change the colors, and more. All the things are already in place for you, in the best locations, and you can easily swap what ever "elements" I have in the template for your own.

They also come with a 3 step opt-in process - 1. squeeze page, 2. "confirm email page" and 3. download page. So you not only get a nice looking main squeeze page to get the email, you also get "back end" pages to make sure people confirm their emails, and get their free gifts. These extra pages are also formatted nicely, and come with pre-filled details that you can swap for your own.

So with my package you get all the tools to set up a complete opt-in process, from the squeeze page to the delivery page, yourself fast and easy.

Here are some more details and samples of what you get with this package...

Breakdown Of The
Squeeze Page Template

Here is a screenshot of the main squeeze page template, with numbers to label each part of interest...

What each number means...

    1. Nice professional background effect that doesn't distract from the sales copy, and also adds a professional touch. You can use ANY other background image that you have or any other background color (there's also a selection of other backgrounds already created for you in this package).

    2. Simple, clean and professional design with main focus being on sales copy. Again, the design doesn't distract from the message of the sales copy, and these kind of simple designs are exactly the kind of squeeze pages that convert best.

    3. Simple header image - you can replace it with your own header, if you do want to add some extra graphics to the page.

    4. Left side area for main sales copy text to tell people why they should opt-in. All the text is already nicely formatted for you, so you just type in your own sales copy here. There are sample sales copy bits that you can swipe, or use any of your own sales copy.

    5. Big arrow graphic - makes the opt-in box stand out and guides the eye to the opt-in form. You can put any image of your own in that spot - like a cover of a free report - to show people what they get for free. That's one of the places where you SHOULD have some kind of an image, to make the opt-in form stand out better, and maybe give a visual representation of what the person's will get. I'm also including several other arrows and graphics for this spot as part of this package, so you'll get a variety of different images to use if you don't have your own.

    6. “Above the fold” opt-in box area, nicely formatted to stand out from the sales copy text, and with a matching color. The opt-in box expends and contracts so you can add more text or graphics in there, or take things away, without fussing around with the design in any way.

    7. Pre-written call to action and instructions text - you can leave it as is to save time, or edit the text to say what ever you want. And you can write more text (since the opt-in box area expends)

    8. Animated arrows pointing to the opt-in form, to make the opt-in form pop out even more. You don't have to use this - just one image at the very top is enough - but I think it does help. You can use any other image here, or no image at all.

    9. Opt-in form area that's very easy to edit - just copy and paste your own opt-in form code (as is) into the appropriate area. No need to change the code in any way to make it "compatible" with the template. You can have an email only form, name and email form, or even a bigger form with lots of fields. And you can use any autoreponder like Aweber, Getresponse, or any other.

    10. Privacy text pre-written for you - you can edit the text to say what ever you want, but it's already there and you can use it as is to save time.

    11. Simple footer image - which you can replace with your own footer.

All of these things are already there for you, and are already formatted nicely based on the best converting opt-in form design techniques. You can customize them and play around with them to tweak and test the page to get the best conversions. It's a very flexible template and you can use it as is, or use it as the main starting point for any new squeeze pages you want to create.

But that's just the main template, there's more...

It Comes in 2 Variations...

1. With opt-in box on the side above the fold.

That's the template I already showed you above.

2. With opt-in box at the bottom, under the sales copy.

To give you more variety, I'm also including the template with the opt-in form at the bottom of the page, instead of on the side. These types of squeeze pages also work, and you might want to try it out.

You Also Get "Confirm Your Email"
and Download Pages

Getting someone to submit their email is great, but you also have to make sure they confirm it (if you use a double opt-in list). So to help you do that, you'll be getting a matching "Confirm your email" page where you send your subscribers to confirm their email. That's where you give people instructions for how to confirm their emails. I've set this page up for you, along with the instructions, and you get it as part of this package.

Once the person confirms their email, you need to send them to the download page where you give them access to what ever free gift you offered for the opt-in, and also where you have some paid offers or maybe JV ad swaps. You'll be getting this matching download page template as part of this package.

The whole opt-in process is already done for you. You get the main squeeze page formatted in a way to maximize opt-ins. And you also get the "Confirm your email" page, and download page. So you can have a full opt-in process set up minutes.

All of These Templates Come in
5 Different Colors, and With
3 Different Style Backgrounds

2 squeeze page variations + "confirm your email" page + download page + all the different color schemes and background variations for each template = adds up to 40 templates in total (that's not completely different templates, but variations of styles and colors). So overall you get quite a lot of variety. And there is more....

You Also Get a
"Graphics Elements" Library
With Over 400 Items

With this graphics elements library you'll get things like big arrows, animated arrows, background images, and more "elements" that you can copy and paste into your template to spice things up a little, and to add visual aids to make the opt-in form more noticeable. These graphics elements will come in different colors and styles. And they're already in PNG and JPEG formats, so you don't need any special software, you can use them as is. Here are some samples...

(This is just a small sample of all the graphics elements you will get. The actual graphics are bigger than the sample, and there is a lot more variety of different colors and styles.)

You Also Get PSD Source Files
To Everything

In case you want to modify the templates and the graphics elements further, you also get full PSD source files to everything, which gives you complete control of how the templates look and a lot of flexibility. You don't have to use them, since all the templates and graphics are already in place and formatted, but if you do want to play around with the source files, you can.

Use These Templates As Is
Or Add Your Own Graphics
And Make Them Look Your Way

These templates are good enough to be used as is - you just have to add your own sales copy and opt-in code. OR, you can also make them look truly unique by adding some of your own custom graphics to them like a header and cover images. Here is a sample of the main blue squeeze page template to which I added a header and cover image...

Can I Really Create a Squeeze Page
In 10 Minutes With This?

Well, the most important things for getting high opt-in rates are a quality free gift that you give away in return for the email address, and the sales copy you use on your squeeze page to "sell" this free gift.

Of course, it will take you more than 10 minutes to write the sales copy for your squeeze page, and to create that killer freebie. If you just use the templates without those 2 things, that won't work.

But once you have the free gift and quality sales copy created, setting up the actual squeeze page, and "confirm your email page" and "download page", should only takes just a few minutes.

That's because all of these things are already created for you and formatted for you in this package, so all the guesswork, and tech work is already done for you.

It really is "copy and paste" simple, and anyone can have a nice squeeze page up in minutes.

And if you already create squeeze pages yourself, this package will be a great addition to your existing library of tools, and will still save you tons of time and contribute to your business.

So How Much Is This Product?

I'm sure you can agree that hiring a designer to design and then format and put together your squeeze page for you would cost a lot of money. And doing all this yourself could be a struggle and a nuance and a time waster. So how much is having a quality squeeze page worth to you?

I wanted to make this affordable for everyone, so the price I came up with is...

Not $67

Not $47

$27 Only!

I also have a money back guarantee, just in case that price is not low enough...

Try the product for 30 days, and if you're not satisfied just send me an email and I'll send you a refund. So there's absolutely no risk on your part. All the risk is on me.

Hope you see the value in this offer and will give this product a try. To place your order click on the order button below.

Order Information...

Item # Super Squeeze Page Pack
Regular Price:$47.00
Our Price$27.00

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Super Squeeze Page Pack

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