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Yahoo Store SEO

Our redesign packages will greatly improve your Yahoo Store SEO. But there are things that you can do as well!

I recommend reading each and every section of our Get More Traffic Page.

Now let's get into some details very specific for your Yahoo Store.

When optimizing your Yahoo Store keep this in mind.....

People are getting smarter! They know by asking the search engine to find EXACTLY what they want, they will find the pages they are looking for. You must be sure that you are giving the search engines what they need to know so that the search engines list your site first when the customer inputs their search!!


A standard Yahoo store does not put any keywords on your item pages. There are 2 ways to work around this. You can change your RTML templates so that it picks up the keywords that are written in the Variables Section of your store OR (and this is the best way) write very specific keywords for each and every page of your site. This seems like a lot of work but it will also get you a lot of results. I have written step by step instructions on how to add keywords to each item page.


Search engines will be looking at the Title Tag of your pages to see what your items are about. Have you used a good descriptive name for each of your items? Have you included one keyword that people will use to find your item?

Item Name:

The standard Yahoo Store makes each item name an image. This does nothing to help with SEO and actually can hurt you. How will a search engine know that your website deals with widgets if the item name is not in text? A search engine can not read images. You will need to go into your RTML templates and change these to text.


Your product descriptions will add content to your page so that the search engines know what your page is about. If you add a description that is well written using keyword rich details, you will get listed higher in the search engines.


Do you have links inside of your site that lead to the rest of the pages in your website? Have you made your website easy to spider? Remember that every little step you take will greatly effect your Yahoo Store SEO

Index Page:

Yahoo Templates tell the search engine spiders do not search this page. Yet every book or article you read will tell you to use a Site Map for higher SEO. So why does Yahoo do this? We do not know but we do know how to change it! Learn how to make your Index Spiderable


One final piece of advise!!! If you only change one thing or two, you will not see much improvement in your rankings. An extreme example would be:

If you are ranked 100th, and you add descriptions, you may work your way up to 95th place. If you change your item pages to show text instead of an image for the item name, you may move up to 90th place. Each thing you do will increase your ranking but if you want to be #1, then you need to do everything possible!

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Yahoo Store SEO

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