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Design Comparison Chart

In an effort to better serve our customers, we have developed this comparison chart so that you can see the differences between our packages.

The different types of packages are located across the top.

If an item is included in the price, it is marked with a checkbox.

If you do not see a package that suits your needs, let us know! We can create a custom design package just for you.

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Purchased Separately $2270 $2855 $4165 $7705 $9940 $12065
Package Price $850 $1500 $2100 $3000 $4200 $6000
Choose a new design from our Most Popular Premade Designs (Upgrade to Level 2 for a custom design)
Premade designs (AKA Template Designs) are perfect for store owners just starting out. We can customize the colors to match the look and feel you are wanting to portray.

Purchase Level 2 Package or Higher for a custom design.
Custom Header Links easily controlled by customer.
You can easily specify which links you would like to show in your header (such as info, privacy, shipping, etc) by placing the id of the page into a custom variable made for you.
Implement design using true RTML into your Yahoo! Store.
RTML is the programming language used by Yahoo! Merchant Solution Stores. By programming your new design into the RTML, you will still be able to add, edit, and delete products the same way as you are doing now.
Text Based Left Navigation Bar that matches your site.
Your left navigation bar will be in text to help your Search Engine Optimization for your website.
Remove Button Limit from Left Navigation Bar
Currently Yahoo! Stores are only able to have 26 categories in the navigation bar. We will remove the button limit so that you can have as many as needed for your site.
H1 Text Item Titles
H1 HTML Tags tell the search engine that this text is IMPORTANT. This is how the search engine will look for relevancy on your page as well.
I'll take 2 please! Qty Box makes it easy.
With the Yahoo Store customers must add the item to their cart then update the quantity to purchase more then 1. We want to make it less confusing for them.
Custom Order Button that matches the look and feel of your site
Research shows that even the writing on your button can effect your conversion rates. Try using Add To Cart instead of buy now. Buy now makes people think they do not have a choice. Add To Cart does not feel threatening to them.
Move Order Button for higher conversion rates
To much content can bring your order button down too far. Too little content and your search engine optimization suffers. We can move the order button towards the top of the page and make everyone happy!
Automatic Related Items
Display links to related items below your page content, Improve SEO with the cross-linking of page links, Easily modify the text to match the look and feel of your unique site. The display contains all the items in the parent section, Fully Automated - No manual entry needed
Custom Footer Links easily controlled by customer. H2 Tags Added For Relevancy and Copyright Text added to all pages
You can easily specify which links you would like to show in your footer (such as info, privacy, shipping, etc) by placing the id of the page into a custom variable made for you. The h2 tag is a html heading tag for importance. It helps add relevant content to your pages. The copyright information will be in an easy to use variable so that you can make changes easily.
Convert Pages to Custom RTML Templates
This is a one time only change that must be done to all pages of your website. Your current website is using the standard RTML Templates. We need to tell your pages to use your new SEO friendly RTML Templates.
Program store to always use new design automatically when adding additional pages in the future.            
Online Yahoo! Store Class
This course is a great class for the beginner. Yahoo! Stores can be intimidating at first and that is where we come in. We can show you how to add new products, database uploads, adding images, using your site variables, and more!
Automatically Generate SEO Friendly Meta Tag Titles
Meta Tags tell the search engines what your page is about. For the meta tag title not only will we grab the name of the item but we can also go up one level to the section that the item is located within and grab the section name as well.

Example - If you have a section called Wizard Of Oz and an item in that category called Dorothy's Shoes then the meta tag title would be Dorothy's Shoes - Wizard Of Oz
Automatically Generate Meta Tag Keywords
Unless you specify the keywords you want to use on each and every page in your Yahoo! Store, Yahoo! does NOT put ANY keyword content for the Meta Tags at all. We can reprogram the RTML for your store and have unique keywords added to every single page. This is what the search engines are looking for! Let's help them find it and get you ranked higher! Instead of spending all your time doing this by hand, let us help you generate them automatically!
Automatically Generate Meta Tag Descriptions
Unless you type in the meta tag description you want to use on each and every page in your Yahoo! Store, Yahoo! does NOT put ANY meta tag description in it's place. Read the Google and Yahoo Webmaster Guidelines. Both state that it is very important for all of your pages to have Unique Meta Tag Descriptions on EACH page.
Item Image Enlarge Popup
When you click the image to enlarge on a standard Yahoo Store!, the entire page changes. The customer leaves the page they are on. This will enlarge the image in a separate window leaving your customer on the page they need to be to purchase.
Newsletter Sign Up
We will install the code needed to add a newsletter subscription to your website. Newsletters are an easy way to bring your customers back into your website. All emails will be kept within your store manager and easily retrieved when you are ready.
Unique and Custom Design that reflects the type of look that you are wanting to create for your website.
We will provide you with a questionnaire that will go over exactly what you are wanting in your new design. We will also want to know about who your customers are so that we can create a design that appeals to your market.
Design Implemented into your site using the latest Search Engine Optimization Practices
Your design is implemented using the latest web technology available so that your code is clean and search engine friendly. This method also helps your pages to load faster for your customers as well!
Custom Logo or use your existing one            
Enhanced Breadcrumbs
You have probably seen this before:

You Are Here: Home> Section A> Section B> Item

These are breadcrumbs. We will rewrite your RTML Template to show breadcrumbs. Breadcrumbs allow your customers navigate through your site easily and hassle free! Plus the enhanced version allows you to specify which category to use and what name to use as well (great for items or categories with really long names)
Right Column Featured Specials or Cross Sells            
Categorized Site Map
Not only does it make it more easily readable for search engines (all your major categories listed with sections and subsections), but also makes it much more usable for your customers.
Full Header and Footer Design of Your Yahoo Shopping Cart
We will program your shopping cart to have the matching header and footer of your new design. This will help boost your conversion rates and increase customer confidence.
Text Navigation With Expanding Sub Sections
When your customers click on a section page that contains sub sections as well, the left navigation bar will expand to show all the sections within. The links are all HTML based and are perfect for SEO! They also assist your customer in moving back and forth between the categories.
Show Percentage Saved
Show customers how much they save shopping with you! Studies show that people love to save money. So show them just how much they save!
Automatically List items Alphabetically
Quit wasting your time moving products around to get them listed alphabetically. Use this feature instead!
Custom Options
This service allows you to use checkboxes or radio type buttons for your options if you choose. It will also remove the +5 from the options when there is an add on price.
Bookmark This Page
We will add a text or graphic link for customers to easily bookmark your site
Out Of Stock Order Button and Controls
Instead of having your customers see no order button, this will show an out of stock order button. Saves on unnecessary phone calls asking where the order button is. You can also easily change the text on the button to show when an item will become available. You also have the option of allowing customers to still purchase the item.
Alt Tags for all images
Go to your item page and place your mouse over the image. See the text that pops up? This is your Alt Tag. Google recently updated their webmaster guidelines and in those guidelines they stated how important those Alt Tags are to your SEO. This add-on will make sure that each image uses the name field but you can also rename each alt tag as well to what you want it to say.
PayPal Buy Now
If your customers choose to pay with Paypal, this will give them a link directly to Paypal with their order information already set up.
Test Users Cookies
This install will test your customers cookies and make sure they are set up properly to place an order online. If there is a conflict, it will let the customer know so that they can change their settings.
Gently Force Links To Domain            
Redirect Users
If your customers come across a page that no longer exists, this will redirect them to another page. If you remove an item that is no longer available, you can also redirect your customers to another item or page.
Contact Us Form
In these days of spam emails, nobody wants to put their email on their website. Now you don't have to! With this add-on we can easily create a contact us form for your customers to fill out.
Add Html In Left Navigation
With this variable added you can easily add html, plain text,, or anything else you would like underneath your left navigation bar.
Add Cross-Sells and Right Column Featured Products To Your Site            
Product Ratings and Reviews
The Ratings and Reviews feature is a great addition to your product pages and even better a great way to improve your conversion rates. We will customize this feature to look exacty like the rest of your site. With the Product Ratings and Reviews you will be able to remove reviews that you do not like or set up the reviews to display only by your approval, giving you full control.
Advanced Click to Enlarge
With the Advanced Click to Enlarge feature you will be able to view your product images in a larger stylish box. With the Advanced Click to Enlarge you will now also be able to add the title of your products in the pop-up window.
Related Items with Image Preview
The Related Items with Image Preview feature will allow you to now preview the products in the Related Items section on your product pages. Now your customers will not have to search through page after page to find the item to see what it looks like, making it easier for them to find and purchase your products.
Multiple Product Images (8 Additional Images)
Currently you are allowed to show 1 image and 1 inset image per page. If you need to show more images (ex. Colors, or styles) then the Multiple Product images will allow you to add up to 8 additional images and each will pop up into a larger image.
Dynamic Testimonials
Testimonials help to increase sales. They promote trust and show that people are buying from your store. Instead of your customers seeing the same testimonial on each page, they will see a new testimonial each time they go to a new page. Grab their attention and their order!
Add Multiple Items to cart with One Click
With a single click your customers can add related items to their shopping cart instead of having to click on each item separately (For instance, if you are selling Bedding the sheets, the pillowcases, the comforter, etc. They will have the option to add one, two, or all items to their cart and only have to click add to cart one time.
Border Around All Images or Border Around Products In Section Page
These borders help to give your site a nice clean look and feel to your website.
Dynamically Show All Items On Sale on one page.
This will put all sale items within your store automatically on one page. Great for showing your customers your best prices!
Hide Product Price Also Known as Map Pricing
There are many manufacturers out there that do not want you to sell the item below a certain price. This is called Map Pricing. There are ways to get around map pricing and be able to offer your customers the best pricing available. In order to do this, you will have to remove your pricing from your website for those items. This add-on will assist you and explain to your customers why they are unable to see the pricing.
Shop By Price
Add a page for any price range and automatically it will fill up with items in that price range. Example, Gifts Under $50.00. We can create a drop down box your different price ranges as well.

(Add on price for each drop down when purchased with a shop by category is $125.00)
Shop By Brand
Add a page for any brand and automatically it will fill up with items in that match the brand. We can create a drop down box of your brands as well

(Add on price for each drop down when purchased with a shop by category is $125.00)
Shop By Style
Add a page for your style and automatically it will fill up with items in that match the style. We can create a drop down box of your different styles as well.

(Add on price for each drop down when purchased with a shop by category is $125.00)
Tell A Friend About Your Site
Have a nice button on your site that customers can easily click to tell their friends about your site or a product they found on your website!
Show New Graphic
When you have a new product and you want it stand out above the rest (or even want to show customers that your website is updated often) this add-on will put more emphasis on those products by displaying an image that says "New" or "Sale". You tell us what you need!
Professional FAQ Page
Most business owners do not know html enough to design a FAQ page with text links that go directly to the customers questions. Some business owners need some help as to what type of information to put on their FAQ page. We will send you a FAQ information sheet that will ask you all the right questions so that we can build you a custom page for your FAQs.
Order Information Table
Displays your product code, pricing, and order information in a nice easy to see table (as seen with ours)
Carousel Cross Sell Items
The Carousel Cross Sells items will allow you to vastly improve your product pages. The Carousel feature will allow you to now display some or all of the products that are in the same category. With our standard Cross Sells feature you are allowed 3 or 4 that will automatically display. This will automatically display some or all of your products for you without you having to do any additional work.
Tabbed Information Item Descriptions
Would you like your item descriptions to look a little neater? Maybe a little more organized? The larger online department stores like Target use them and you can as well.

Pricing includes 4 tabs. We recommend Description, Related Items, Additional Images, and then we put in an extra one that you can change the name of at any time (you can even change the name on every page if you need to)
Left Navigation Flyout Menus
The Flyout Menus for the left navigation are the perfect addition to any site and will not only make navigation so much easier but will also add a higher level of professionalism to your site.
Estimated Shipping Times and Delivery Information Pop-Up
This tool is wonderful for letting your yahoo store customers see the actual estimated shipping date that their item will arrive. Less phone calls for you. More sales for your store!
Cross-Sells with Multi Add
Instead of showing them the cross-sells you have to offer, allow them to easily click a button and purchase the main item and the cross-sells with just one click!
Quantity Pricing Table
Do you offer multiple pricing amounts depending on the amount of items purchased? The Yahoo Store pricing is not very easy on the eyes for quantity pricing. We can set up a table for your quantity pricing that you and your customers will love!
Up to 3 Drop Down Navigation Menus            
Rob Snell Magic Edit Button
Have you ever been on your site checking things out and all of a sudden you see something on that page that you need to change. This is a small magic button on your site that nobody but you knows is there. When you click on this magic button it takes you into store editor directly to the page that you need to fix!!
Google Sitemap For Your Yahoo Store
We will set up your Google Sitemap so that Google can find all pages within your store.
Set up of your Product URLs - MUST Have For Yahoo Shopping!
Instead of manually putting in all of your product URLs, let us add them in for you once you have added all of your items. This will save you tons of time!
Recently Viewed Items
Customers get lost easily but we can show them where they have been by showing them the last 2-6 items that they have visited.
Left NavigationSub-Category Flyout Menus
The Left Navigation Sub-Category Flyout Menus are perfect for enhancing your left navigation and also bring a more professional look to your site. The Flyouts will make navigating your store super easy, which can be great for conversions.
Blog Design and Implementation...#1 Recommendation For SEO
We will design a blog for your Yahoo! Store that will match perfectly with your new design. Your blog will be set up to publish to your URL so that you get all the benefits of having a blog.
Research and Keyword Review
We will research your keywords to see which are bringing you the best conversion rates. What keywords bring you in sales!!
Fifteen (15) Keyword Rich Articles 450-600 words
First we want to see how our design and SEO has helped your keywords. Those terms that need more help, we can concentrate on writing high quality articles for your website to assist you with your relevancy. (Additional Articles Available)
Purchased Separately $2270 $2855 $4165 $7705 $9940 $12065
Package Price $850 $1500 $2100 $3000 $4200 $6000
  View Level 1 Package View Level 2 Package View Level 3 Package(Most Popular) View Level 4 Package View Level 5 Package View Level 6 Package

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