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What else can I add to my Yahoo Store?
There are tons of wonderful tools to add to your Yahoo Store to help you with getting visitors and keeping visitors! For instance, send site to a friend, join your newsletter, cross-sell items on product pages, check out our Build Your Own Package Section for more details!

How long does the process take? When will my new store be completed?
This will vary from store to store and owner to owner. But typically the first mock-up will arrive in 4-6 business days. Then the implementation takes about 4-6 business days as well.

What if I like one package but I like a few of the features from some of your other packages?
1 Choice has made this very easy for our customers. First decide which package is the closest to what you are looking for. Place that package into the cart and complete the check out process. In the questionnaire we send to you, you will be provided directions on how to add individual features from other packages. No need paying for what you do not need.

How many people will I work with?
We believe you should work with people who specialize in their field. So you will work with one Graphic Design Artist, one Yahoo Store Programmer, and one Yahoo Store Expert. The Graphic Design Artist will help you to achieve the look you are want to create. The Yahoo Store Programmer will implement that look into your store and as well as implement all new features. The Yahoo Store Expert will go over all changes with you and teach you how everything works, how to make changes, and answer any additional questions that you may have.

How does the design process work?
When you sign up we will send you a questionnaire. This questionnaire is extremely important and must be filled out completely. This is where we will get the information for your mock-up (a visual draft of your website). Once you have reviewed your mock-up, we will work with you on any modifications and adjustments you may require for your new design. 95% of the time we get your mock-up right the first time! However, a maximum of two revisions of your mock-up will be included at no additional cost to insure we are creating the look and feel that is desired for your store.

How will I know that I will be happy with the new design?
Our approval process guarantees that you are very happy with your new design. After each step we send you the artwork for approval. If you reach the allowed number of revisions, additional revisions can be purchased at an extremely minimal fee or per hourly basis. On average a 3rd mock-up revisions cost between $30.00 and $80.00. There is no bigger advertiser than word of mouth, as this is 70% of our business. We are dependent on your satisfaction.

What happens after I approve the design?
Once we have received final approval from you on the design work, we will then install the custom website design into your store. After the implementation phase has been completed, we review the work with you.  You will then receive an email from us with all the notes and instructions you will need to utilize your new store and custom features.

If I purchase a Design Package, will I incur any additional costs?
Your custom design includes two mock-ups with two revisions based on the information provided by your answers on the questionnaire. The more thorough your responses are, the better our Graphic Designer can achieve your goals. We have found over 95% of the time, our Graphic Design Artists have been able to satisfy your vision for your store. Design and programming features can be revised after the initial programming has been completed. However, you may incur additional charges depending n the scope of work.

How long will 1 Choice provide me with support if I have questions?
We still have customers from the very beginning that write to us once a year with a question or two. We do not mind at all! That is why we are here.

What if it is 6 months later and I need something changed?
If it is quick and easy for us, we do not charge you. If it takes some time, then we let you know that it will take some time to complete and give you a proper price quote for the changes to be made. You can then decide if you still want the changes made. We are not going to charge you $50.00 for something that takes us 2 minutes to do for you.

What about SEO?
We put Search Engine Optimization at the top of the list here at 1 Choice. Without it, store owners can go broke paying pay per click ads. Each and every person that works for 1 Choice are trained SEO experts. Every aspect of your store must be looked at from an SEO point of view. If you are making a request that can and will greatly hurt your rankings, we need to let you know immediately. Then you can make an educated decision based upon all the facts.

Will I still be able to make changes to my Yahoo Store?
Absolutely! You will still add, edit, delete products the EXACT same way as you do now. There will be absolutely no difference. PLUS we make sure that you understand what changes we did implement so that if you want to make basic changes, you can do so yourself. This way you only have to go to a designer if you choose to not because you have to. The basic idea is to leave you (the store owner) in FULL control over YOUR store.

How do I sign up?
Place your desired package into your shopping cart. Fill out the check-out information. Then we will send over your questionnaire. It's that easy.

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