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Google Webmaster Guidelines Made Easy Part 1 and Part 2 - FREE e-Book

Google Webmaster Guidelines Made Easy
Google Webmaster Guidelines Made Easy
If you were to ask me what was the absolute most important lesson that I have learned while running an ecommerce store, it would be Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

You see I was spending at least $6,000 a month in pay per click advertising. I started focusing on natural rankings and was able to take that expense down to $600.00 a month.

My sales did not decline. In fact, they INCREASED!

The Keys To My SEO Success

Patience – Getting to the number 1 position did not happen overnight.

Excellent Notes – Right from the beginning, I made notes of everything that I did to my website. If something did not work, I could undo it right away.

Determination – It would have been easy to give up. Especially when I did not see the “big” results right away. But I kept fighting.

Remember Your Customers – They are the ones that you are writing for and making your site for. You can be number 1 for every keyword phrase you want, but if nobody buys from you, what does it matter?

Most Important – I followed the Google Webmaster Guidelines and Yahoo! Webmaster Guidelines

These 2 pages are telling you EXACTLY what the search engines want from you to get top rankings.

Yet time and time again I see the same 3 mistakes on 98% of the websites I come across.

They fail to read the guidelines

They only follow some of the guidelines

They over exaggerate the guidelines (also known as spam)

The Keys to Your SEO Success

I want to help you have the same success that I have had with the search engines. We are going to go over each of the Google Webmaster Guidelines step by step.

The Guidelines are much easier to follow once you fully understand what they mean.

Google Webmaster Guidelines Made Easy is broken up into 2 parts.

  • Design and Content Guidelines
  • Quality Guidelines

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Google Webmaster Guidelines Made Easy

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