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L.O.C.K. Method for Higher Rankings and Conversions

Let's face it - Google is making constant updates that affect your search rankings.

You need a solid strategy to help you improve your traffic, conversion rate, and sales!

You need to L.O.C.K. your rankings.

L - Learning Stage: We conduct keyword research including keywords used in your search box, keyword suggestions, related searches, competitors, and analytics.

O - Optimize Stage: We evaluate what you need to get the best results. Do you need more content? Do you need to adjust content? Are there issues on your website preventing you from ranking? Do you need special programming features that will help your SEO (Installed at no additional charge)?

C - Convert: Google won't send you traffic if it is not converting. If the visitor does not find what they need on your website, they go back to Google and look for something else. If this happens a lot, Google will remove replace you with someone who will give the customer what they want. So let's get your conversion rate UP! We change, analyze, and test.

K - Kick it Up: We look at what worked and what needs improvement and we do the entire process again with your optimized product pages. We look at what is missing from your website and work with you to bring in all the missing pieces and create a complete website.

Wow!!! And all that was in the first month!

Plus we send you monthly reports that show you which keywords are in the top 20 of Google, who your competitors are in organic search, potential partnerships, issues with your website that affect rankings, and more.

New - Speed Optimization

We are in the process of adding our new speed optimization service and the results have been AMAZING!

All new L.O.C.K. customers will receive the Speed Optimization Pro Plan at no extra cost.


What's the difference between the LOCK Program and the Coaching Program?
The Coaching Program and Group Coaching Program are both included with the LOCK Program. However, with the LOCK Program.... we are working for your website on a weekly basis to help you gain more traffic, sales, and conversions. In the Coaching Programs we teach you what you need to do.

Do I get the same monthly reports as I would in the Now What Coaching Program and Group Coaching?
Yes and we go over those reports each and every month with you so you understand what is happening with your website.

What is the monthly costs for the LOCK Program?
The monthly fee for the LOCK Program is $1000 $750 a month.

How do I sign up?
Click the subscribe button below and we will send you a questionnaire within 24 hours of signing up!


Shawna Seigel

Shawna Seigel

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