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Add A Newsletter Sign Up To Your Site - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

I would say that building and maintaining your Mailing List is critical when it comes to long lasting success.

Why do you need a Mailing List?

  • Market Research shows that it costs your business 5x more to get a new customer then it does to sell to a previous customer.
  • Most website visitors do not order on the first visit. If we can capture their email address, we can bring them back to us!
    • Too busy
    • Not enough money to purchase now
    • Still doing research
    • Not comfortable with your business yet
  • If we can capture their email address, we can bring them back to us!
  • We can build brand awareness
  • We can build credibility and trust

For every email recipient, you can expect an average of 16 cents in revenue.

For these top forms of online marketing your average cost per order is:
- $71.89 for Banner Ads
- $26.75 for Paid Search
- $17.47 for Affiliate
- $7 for Email

And, if you increase the percentage of repeat customers by just 5 percent, you can boost profits between 25 percent and 95 percent.

Using Autoresponders To Increase Sales

When it comes to your online store, you want to grab as many emails as possible. If you had your way, every single person that enters your website would add their name to your mailing list. How do you do that? Offer them something for signing up! Free advice, free tips, free e-books, a monthly give away, and/or offer them a discount just for signing up. Tell them that when they sign up, they will immediately get a coupon for 5% off or free shipping. Do whatever it takes to get them to give you that email address. You have worked so hard to get them to your website. Now capture their information so we can continue to bring them back!

So, why do we neglect email?

Most of the time itís because we are just too busy and the "powers that be" have you convinced that every email has to look like Neiman Marcus created it. Well, Ron over at Top Right has seen that simpler and (almost) anything is better than nothing.

Just for Y! Stores, they've released a free tool that saves you so much time creating emails that you have to take advantage of it.

Did I tell you it's free?

What it does is pull your product information directly from your store and place it into a simple HTML template. It includes your names, images, product descriptions, and prices.

Then you simply paste the HTML it creates into your email marketing tool - whether that's Constant Contact, Vertical Response, Got or AWeber. Or, of course, you can sign up for Top Right's advanced email marketing system

What else is available?

Yahoo! has a very simple and easy way to collect addresses within your store editor for free. The problem…that is all it does. It will not send them the coupon automatically. It will not even send them an email. You will have to do everything manually. Now if you are just starting and looking to save some money, this might be the best choice but I think you will find the option below will suit your needs and your budget.

We use Aweber. We are VERY impressed with their templates, service, and all the goodies you get!

Plus, they have great education and you can try it out for just $1.00!

We use to use Constant Contact. They had really great templates to use for sending out emails, BUT the prices seemed much higher then Aweber and they did not have any autoresponders.

Yahoo! partners with Got Marketing Campaigner. They also charge per subscriber and 10,000 subscribers will cost you $75.00 a month. There minimum payment is $25.00 a month which again will cost you more than Aweber


Putting the Newsletter Form On Your Website

If you are using one of the services listed above, they will give you a copy of the code to paste into your website.

If you want to send the email addresses to the Mailing List area of your Yahoo! Store so that you can export them into excel you can use Yahoo's code. Directions can be found in Yahoo Help. If you use this method, you will have to send your updates through your own email program. This will become difficult to do after you collect a certain amount of emails. Again, I would recommend one of the choice's above.

Where do you put the newsletter form?

Remember you want your customers to see this immediately. My recommendation would be the top right column if you have one in your store. Otherwise I would recommend having it in the top of your left navigation bar or in your header.

If you have a 3.0 Yahoo! Store you can click variables and add the code to the variable called Html-above-left-nav

Can you do this for me?
You can purchase our Newsletter Sign-Up Service. We can input code from any service or use the basic form provided by Yahoo!

Have Questions? Call us Toll Free 888-312-7839 or Email Us

Our owners have seen their website traffic at least DOUBLED or TRIPLED!

More traffic = More Sales!

So get started today! Sign up now and let us help get traffic to your Yahoo! Store!

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